Teme: Slovenia

Slovenia plans on launching two satellites into space: They will record Earth from the altitude of 600 kilometers

Slovenia and Croatia have the least influence in the EU, and this country "disappoints the most"

The first Serbian church will be built in Slovenia after 70 years, the Patriarch gave his blessing

Investigations launched against a paramilitary group in Slovenia: Recordings and photographs of armed men caused panic on social networks (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The strongest people in Europe gathered in Kikinda to test their might: They can easily pull a 10-ton truck and carry a mountain of girls (PHOTO)

Slovenia deals with wild animals: Wolves and bears are the targets

Snow in May is old news: Slovenia became white in the middle of June, temperatures just like winter (VIDEO)

Dejan (25) traveled to Columbia and he discovered what the locals think about Yugoslavia, and what do they think about Escobar now (PHOTO)

We had b*lls: Doncic gave a crazy statement and he entered the history of Final Four as the youngest MVP (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Who is a Serb who broke the NBA tradition? The youngest coach on the senior bench, he demolished Kosovo for Serbia! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Slovenia will block Croatia's entry to Schengen if Zagreb does not start implementing the arbitration decisions (PHOTO)

Croats fined the fishermen from Slovenia: They sent a penalty of unbelievable 28,000 euros

Zvonimir collected skis on the street that people threw away: Children were ashamed of him, and now everyone is envious of what he did with the waste (VIDEO)

The Statehood Day of Serbia was solemnly marked in Slovenia: Ljubljana is our sincere friend on our European road

The most precious Serbian gifts to the Slovenian colleagues: This is what the Serbian delegation brought to Cerar and his ministers

Ana Brnabic wrote into the Golden book of guests in Bled and she left a strong message

IT SEEMS LIKE AN ETERNITY! Four years ago, we started accession negotiations with the EU: Here's how long Croats and Slovenians negotiated

The Balkan's King of Instagram published a photo and he spoke about the sins of his youth: They immediately started attacking his president (FOTO)

Serbian passport worths a lot: We can go to 119 countries without visas, and here's the situation with Croats

Pyrotechnics caused a series of fires in Slovenia: The damage amounted to 90,000 euros

The game of nerves is starting today in Piran Bay: The tension is rising, fishermen received instructions on how to behave

THE GREAT YUGOSLAV SECRET: Europe was offering billions to us, but our country fell apart and they started a war (VIDEO)

Monstrous murderers from Nis: They cut the girls' breasts with a knife, they chopped piece by piece while they were still alive, they butchered them with over 30 stabs

Experienced politician, former model, and King of Instagram: Everything about Borut Pahor, the new-old President of Slovenia (PHOTO)

Bosnian construction workers are dominating the Balkans: The demand is increasing, Slovenes have no money, Croats failed

The king of Instagram dominated again: Pahor is going to round two with Sarec and he has twice as many votes

The renowned Swiss newspaper criticized Croatia: According to the neighbors, the inexorable, economic disappointment, the country of cultural war ...

Croatia has border disputes with Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and solution is nowhere to be found

EXCLUSIVE, NATASA PIRC MUSAR: How I became Melania Trump's attorney, and we never met!

She wants to be the president of Slovenia and they accuse her of prostitution: Sexy Martina likes to take nude photos and knows what the state needs (PHOTO)