What Marina Abramovic has said about the Balkans, Yugoslavia, and Belgrade

The youngest Serbian soldier was only 8 when he went to war: He crossed Albania, and was wounded

ISIS "strike group" made up exclusively of Kosovo Albanians: They're considered cruelest jihadists

Croatian president in Knin: "I wanted to grab a rifle and go to battlefield"

Travel writer Edin Krnic was enchanted by people in Afghanistan: He was a witness of a terrorist attack, and he brought an important life lesson from the travels

Satellite images of the sacred Serbian mountain Pastrik: The battlefield of the second-largest battle in 1999 today looks like a "Moon's surface"

We have entered the notorious village, the birthplace of the terrorist, just before the "Day of Captain Leshi": When we asked Albanians about him, we received a clear answer, in Serbian (PHOTO)

Slavoljub is the hero from the border post Gorozup and the only one who survived the truck of death: There were 38 of us and 2.000 of them, they were like ants

Scandalous "Resolution on the genocide of Serbia on Kosovo" has been adopted in Pristina

Who are the Bosnian soldiers whose names were on the shirt of Jusuf Nurkic: They murdered Serbian civilians in the war (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Scandalous provocation by Jusuf Nurkic: He glorified soldiers who fought against Serbs in front of Jokic! (VIDEO)

Special prosecution for the crimes of KLA prepared the "bombs" for Thaci and the "lord of Kosovo": Witnesses, footages and other evidence are prepared

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