Teme: Germany

Germany does not accept border changes in the Balkans


CLEAR MESSAGE FROM GERMANY: "Kosovo Army" only with agreement with Serbs

Dejan has dogs which cure hard diseases: I am a dog whisperer, i live with a pack, and this is their secret power (VIDEO)

Belgrade was bombed because of Adolf Hitler's vanity: That was his personal revenge! (PHOTO)

We talked to people who reached Serbia in their Civil March for Aleppo: We have been walking across Europe from December (PHOTO)

Thaci is buying weapons from Germans: Albanians want light artillery and modern infantry weapons!

Bosnian moved to Germany two years ago: He reveals what happens when you look for a job and you are late on your first day (VIDEO)

EUROPE IS A POWDER KEG, BALKAN IS ONLY THE FUSE: A warning comes from the West what is dangerous and what should be feared of

Are you certain that there are most Serbs in Serbia? You may be surprised when you see the real statistics!

Ivona went to Germany to be a mailman and now she has a strong message for everyone about "promised land"

Austria offers fantastic wages to Serbian and Bosnian cooks

Russian prognosis for Europe in 2035: What Serbia receives, and loses what?

EXCLUSIVELY FROM THE VILLAGE OF SERBIAN JIHADIST: Boban was nice and quiet, and then he converted to Islam! (PHOTO)

COUNTRY THAT APPRECIATES SERBIAN EXPERTS: If you bring a doctor from Serbia you will get a 2.000 euros bonus!

BERLIN ATTACKER WENT THROUGH SERBIA? Vulin: Germans did not contact us

LANA FROM MOSTAR WITNESS OF THE ATTACK IN BERLIN: "People lying on the ground, not moving, blood! The truck was going 80 km/h, I can't see my mom!" (VIDEO)

EXODUS OF THE YOUNG FROM CROATIA: 30.000 people left the country in one year, and they are all going to this country

HE IS A SERBIAN HERO: This cook got fired because he stopped Germans from singing "Lili Marleen" in Skadarlija (PHOTO)

Serb robed a jeweler, and then took a picture with the jewelry and cash, and then he made a cardinal mistake (PHOTO)

This is what students in EU are learning about wars in Yugoslavia, Tito and Milosevic

People from Uzice pillaged Hamburg, it is suspected that they are part of "Pink Panther": They risk 15 years in prison for robbing a jewelry store!

I went from Bosnia to get a job and earn in Germany, then my dream became a DISASTER (PHOTO)

GREAT FRAUD IN SERBIA: Milos and Djordje promise jobs in Berlin, they take the money and they DISAPPEAR!

CORRUPTION ONE OF THE 3 BIGGEST PROBLEM IN COUNTRY: We and the brothers of Russia are at the very top, and these are close to us (GRAPHIC)

OCCUPATION WORTH IN GOLD: Serbian workers make up to 8.000 euros a month abroad!

THIS IS THE WEEK FOR BALKAN MILLIONAIRES: After Serbia, Croatia got its lotto winner!

SERBIAN OFFERED HIS KIDNEY TO CROAT! Klasnic could be saved by man from Krupanj!

German in Serbia is making the best brandy: He fell in love with Jela and "blue gold" (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

AMERICAN CHETNIK: How did Ruth Mitchell end up in Serbian hills and why did she defend Draza until the end of his life (PHOTO)