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A couple from Belgrade turned a van into "home-mobile" and they going to Scandinavia: They will live in phenomenal 4.8 square meters in the next few months (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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Season work on one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic awaits you (PHOTO)

The longest gondola in the world will start working by the end of 2018: Zlatibor is getting a sports hall as well

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There are 7 sunk ships at the bottom of Ohrid Lake, and now they want to "bury" an airplane into water - for one goal (PHOTO)

Russian woman Elena reveals a secret why are her people in love with Serbia: Her fate was to come to Belgrade and to become bound with our country (PHOTO)

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE IN SERBIA: You've never heard of it, and the air is healing, people live up to 100 years, they drink water from a stream (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Mysterious place in Serbia: There water curtain, the temperature is 5 degrees during the summer, and the rocks are carved like steps (PHOTO)

Belgrade is more decorated than last year: Decorative lighting on many more locations and citizens are thrilled (PHOTO)

It was the most magical on Kopaonik this morning: Snow fell like it was January, nature is at its best (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Obscene bachelor and bachelorette parties in luxurious villas on Adriatic coast: The owners have new business and make up to 1.600 euros per month!

TELEGRAF FINDS OUT: Serbs on St Martin rescued! Spanish airplanes evacuated 5 of our citizens

You need to learn to appreciate your country, because if you do not, who will? Brazilian Thiago fell in love with Serbia, and then decided to move here (PHOTO)

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Provocations are not stopping: Stickers appeared again in Petrinja and Zagreb with bodies of Serbs hanging from a tree (PHOTO)

IVANA IS A HORSE WHISPERER: She revealed a secret to us how to listen to animals and talk with them (PHOTO)

Serb woman injured in terrorist attack in Barcelona!

Zadar's Organ are the real heaven for tourists: When you combine great idea with the water, you make the most beautiful symphony (VIDEO)

Slovenia has decided: We don't want casual tourists anymore, we want those with deep pockets

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tour guide attacked a girl from Nis (17) on Zakynthos, she ended up in a cast: He twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit of apartment and threw her out on the street (PHOTO)

Arabs are massively buying land in Bosnia, mostly from Serbs: New suburbs are growing, and the real reason is a puzzle

Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!