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You need to learn to appreciate your country, because if you do not, who will? Brazilian Thiago fell in love with Serbia, and then decided to move here (PHOTO)

It is difficult for the Croats to say thank you, their beaches are painful, and they lie: What are the tourists from all over the world complaining about on the Adriatic coast

Croatian guide discovered who are the worst tourists. And no, they are not Serbs

Provocations are not stopping: Stickers appeared again in Petrinja and Zagreb with bodies of Serbs hanging from a tree (PHOTO)

IVANA IS A HORSE WHISPERER: She revealed a secret to us how to listen to animals and talk with them (PHOTO)

Serb woman injured in terrorist attack in Barcelona!

Zadar's Organ are the real heaven for tourists: When you combine great idea with the water, you make the most beautiful symphony (VIDEO)

Slovenia has decided: We don't want casual tourists anymore, we want those with deep pockets

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tour guide attacked a girl from Nis (17) on Zakynthos, she ended up in a cast: He twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit of apartment and threw her out on the street (PHOTO)

Arabs are massively buying land in Bosnia, mostly from Serbs: New suburbs are growing, and the real reason is a puzzle

Montenegrins will soon start fining the tourists who wear bathing suits on the street, drunk or those who sleep on the beach?!

American tourists delighted with Bosnia: Nature is gorgeous, everything is clean, and they were fascinated the most by one thing

Croats are robbing the tourists blind on every step: You won't believe what they started charging for (PHOTO)

Alert in Montenegro: Sea water on one of the most famous beaches - IS NOT FOR SWIMMING!

Meet Tesla from Sipovo: Slavko was the first one to bring electricity to his village in 1965, and he is even selling it now (PHOTO)

No Serbs were injured in the terrible earthquake that struck Greece and Turkey

The man who rents houses to world's millionaires reveals the secrets of his job (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Serbs banned from entering the cafe where the American was attacked, they must not move in larger groups (PHOTO)

Genius Serbs found a solution to take a swim in flooded Greece (VIDEO)

These three girls could be the key in the investigation on Zakynthos, this is what they did: Everybody missed this detail (VIDEO)

BREAKING NEWS: This is a real footage of the fight on Zakynthos - it is clear who is hitting who! (VIDEO)

Kristijan had quit work and started traveling around the world: I slept in Ethiopia, i was scared of savage knocking, and then the door opened (PHOTO)

"Mom, i am afraid they will send us to USA for the trial": Parents of the arrested young man on Zakynthos without consolation

Tanjug published fake video of the fight on Zakynthos (VIDEO)

Croatia introduces penalties for tourists who wear swimsuits on the street: 600 euros fines, 700 euros if you drink alcohol!

Adriana Lima is visiting Montenegro, and she won over the region with a single comment in SERBIAN! (PHOTO)

These are the names of the young men from Serbia who were accused of murdering the American on Zakynthos

Tourists are going away, locals sleep in tents and drink sedatives: Ohrid is still shaking, 1000 earthquakes - in 20 days (PHOTO)

Ana from Russia is disappointed with Croatian coast, and she is not the only one: Everything is nice on the photos, but in reality...