Englishmen, you will NOT trample Serbia, we will DEFEAT YOU! Here is what Vucic told the UK about Srebrenica!

- Your attempt to trample Serbia will end in vain, and I tell you this from the center of Serbia, from Sumadija because we will know how to protect Serbia - siad the prime minister of Serbia

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said he will not allow anyone to trample Serbia and advised all who try will not be allowed.


- We will not allow this, no matter what your name, and no matter how strong you are - said Vucic.

Although Vucic did not specify whom he spoke of, at the end, he ironically thanked "the British and everyone else on the great friendship".

- Your attempt to trample Serbia will end in vain, and I tell you this from the Center of Serbia, from Sumadija, because we will know how to protect Serbia - said Vucic at the opening of the bridge in Blaznava.

Vucic: Serious crimes occured in Srebrenica, let's respect other people's suffering



As he said, in recent years some have decided that with different resolutions again put a mark of those who should be ashamed of the past.

THE BRUTAL ATROCITIES OF NASER ORIC: With bare hands he gouged out the eyes of Serbian civilians!

- We Serbs show our grandiosity and the fact that we are able to honor the victims of other parties much like our own, in front of hundreds of thousands killed in all Patriotic wars. But do not make us feel humiliated because we are Serbs and because we bravely fought for our freedom - said Vucic.

SREBRENICA CASE: Nedjo the Butcher and seven more persons arrested for WAR CRIMES!

Foto: AP/Tanjug, Tanjug/Nemanja Jovanović

Foto: AP/Tanjug, Tanjug/Nemanja Jovanović

Serbian Prime Minister said that Serbia will protect its knowledge, intelligence and diligence.

SERBS DID NOT RAPE BOYS IN SREBRENICA: Here is what Serbia ADVISED the United States, Britain and the Security Council!

- And those who think that it is enough to threaten and say that we Serbs are probably the only one to blame for what happened in the former Yugoslavia and to forget Jasenovac and Jadovno and all Serbian scaffold essentially only speak and show who was causing a lot of things in this area - said Vucic.

Foto: AP/Tanjug, Tanjug/Nemanja Jovanović

Foto: AP/Tanjug, Tanjug/Nemanja Jovanović

He stressed that we have to do more, to work hard and strive to do more to make a successful, economically prosperous Serbia to have an even greater political strength to be able to stand up to them and say that 99.99 percent of honorable and honest Serbs wear with pride the red-blue-white flag everywhere.

Two Serbs released from custody, Ivanovic remains remanded

- Thank you Englishmen and all others for the great friendship that you have shown us, thank you very much for that, and we Serbs will keep face because only we can smear our face - said Vucic.

Foto: AP/Tanjug

Foto: AP/Tanjug

- If no resolution is voted, this would be good news for Serbia and the region. If it is voted, it will be tough news, but we will fight, we will build more bridges and factories, we will economically strengthen the country and completely win - said Vucic in response to a reporter's question what is expected for the upcoming session of the UN Security Council.

The prime minister added that Serbia is a small country, there is no right to expect anything from the great powers, but only from itself, its government and its people.

- Will represent ourselves as Serbs, we will not hide from anyone to whom we belong because we are not guilty. Especially not 99.99 percent of Serbs that someone tagged a label of collective guilt on - said Vucic.


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