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Historic moment: Macedonia and Greece signed the agreement about the name (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Russian commentator was in delirium after the Kolarov's bomb: His voice broke because he repeated one word too many times! (VIDEO)

He played handball for the junior national team, and he left Serbia after the bombing and discovered the drug for cancer: Scientist Vladimir Cmiljanovic for Telegraf

A bizarre creature shocked people of Nis after the rain: They claim that the monster moved its hands, and some suspects it an - alien! (PHOTO)

6 minutes of terror we are all afraid of: Strong flood threatens to destroy the entire house! (VIDEO)

Svilajnac flooded as well, the evacuation of people started: The situation is the worst in Kusiljevo which is literally cut off from the world (VIDEO)

A journalist is missing - he used to report death threats, he was attacked and his car was smashed because he is a "foreign mercenary": The search continues

The government of Republika Srpska has decided to reduce the price of fuel

The signing ceremony of the agreement on the new name of Macedonia in a few days: VMRO said it would not support the new name of the country

A woman took off her trousers and panties in the center of Split and defecated (VIDEO)

Sexy Brazilian girl seriously provoked Serbia! (VIDEO)

The waterspouts and tornados will destroy us: Apocalyptic disasters are more and more frequent in Serbia, dark days are in front of us

It's all up to us now, the atmosphere is excellent: Piksi is encouraging the football players before the World Championship!

Gracanica surrounded by barbed wire, and there is a sign for weapons: Arnaud Gouillon said a great truth in front of the Serbian sanctuary (VIDEO)

We've met Croatian fans in Moscow, they had only the words of praise for Serbia (VIDEO)

The video from Indjija will make your blood freeze: Both drivers rushed into the intersection, there was a terrible sound, and then both cars fell apart (VIDEO)

Apocalyptic scenes in Uzice: Everything is white as in the middle of winter, streets become rivers, cars swim in the water (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Shock for Pristina! Quint turned their back on them: They are not prepared for membership in the Council of Europe

The journalists of Euronews created a phenomenal reportage on Belgrade and reminded us of everything that is beautiful in it (VIDEO)

What is happening with the Adriatic sea? The water temperature is the highest in the last 100 years (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbian basketball players are the champions of the world for the third time in a row! Serbian national anthem in Manila, just like before! (PHOTO)

The driver from hell hit children and killed little Aleksa on Divcibare. Was he driving his child in the back seat?

It is official! The new name of Macedonia will be the Republic of Northern Macedonia

Traffic blocked again in Bosnia and Herzegovina over fuel prices: Many cities are paralyzed, drivers are not giving up from their demands (VIDEO)

Daddy's son crashed "Ronaldo's Ferarri" worth 170.000 euro near Belgrade, it was the most expensive used car in Serbia (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Beautiful Milesa (23) is searching for workers for her cow farms, but they insult her that it is an ad for a husband: Would you write such abominations to your sister or mother?

Croats wonder: "Serbs have blocked the roads over fuel prices, what are we going to do?" (PHOTO)

A spectacle on the first training of Serbia: Around 2.000 fans cheered for "Eagles" in Russia (PHOTO)

We don't have to love each other, but we have to look forward. Dacic on relations between Serbia and Croatia

My name is Jelena, I was attacked just like this girl, on the same wall, in the same school. They used to call me "snaggletoothed" and "Scarface", and here's what I have to say