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Don't yell at me! Move away from here: Montenegrin woman brutally answered to the attempts to chase her away from the beach because she didn't want to pay for the sunbed (VIDEO)

Strong explosion next to the kindergarten and a school in Dubrovnik: A bomb was thrown at the car (VIDEO)

Slovenia deals with wild animals: Wolves and bears are the targets

All pairs for the Champions League are known, here's what Red Star can expect after Suduva!

A trump card of Novak's play: A tiny change became the strongest weapon for the trophy on Wimbledon! (VIDEO)

Take a look at how an airplane with Haradinaj fleed before Serbs in Republika Srpska (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Another state considers withdrawing recognition of Kosovo: They are waiting for the right time!

Three people arrested for suspicion of being responsible for the drowning of a child at Jagodina pools, the search for one more continues

Mladen Krstajic remains the coach of Serbian national team!

The horrible death of a Serb in Becici: Was the daughter of a local tycoon and the owner of a luxurious hotel on St Stefan behind the steering wheel of death? (PHOTO)

A tragedy almost occurred at the celebration of Croatian football players: Domagoj Vida almost died, Subasic saved his life (VIDEO)

The mysterious disappearance of Serbs in the Golden Gulf, everybody is quiet about that: Russian mafia cemented Serbian workers in the foundation of the hotel?! (PHOTO)

Vucic and Thaci are starting a new round of negotiations in Brussels: Pristina delegation arrived in unexpectedly expanded composition

Father and a daughter were killed by electricity in a barn with cows: Older son prevented a greater tragedy and saved other members of the family (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

And what would have happened if Novak didn't have such an "evil father"? (VIDEO)

Murderer from Malta was arrested for robbery in Serbia: His friend told on him to the police and he revealed a real truth about him (PHOTO)

Predrag leaves magical stones on the beach and he wants someone to find them: He did that incognito, but he became the main attraction in Greece (PHOTO)

Could this Palestinian businessman take center stage in politics?

My son asked me to buy him a Croatian flag, I did not know what to say to him: The status of this man from Belgrade is the center of attention on Facebook

A man from Balkans followed his wife for a month, and then he caught her "in the act" with an older man - in a car, in the middle of a field

Serbs in the top list in the size of the tumors: We carry up to 30 kilos of cancer in our stomachs (VIDEO)

The entire world laughs at Kolinda: She kissed the French and the trophy after the defeat, and then she became a Miss of a wet t-shirt! (VIDEO)

Djokovic officially in the TOP 10 after winning the Wimbledon!

When you got to go in the middle of the city: Man from Kraljevo defecated in a park, people were disgusted (PHOTO)

The most emotional moment of Wimbledon: Stefan hugging Novak after the finals! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Golden Ball to Modric, Kolinda cried while giving him the award! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Fantastic Djokovic is a four-time champion of Wimbledon: Anderson stood no chance! (PHOTO)

A ton of drugs is floating near Ulcinj, it is suspected that Albanians did it: Fishermen noticed packages in the sea, and the police found something terrible

Thank you, Serbia: Little Teodora (10) has beaten leukemia and she returned home after spending 14 months in a hospital in Frankfurt (PHOTO)

Belgrade Waterfront is waiting for its first tenants: Take a peek at the interior of one of the most luxurious buildings in the capital (PHOTO)