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OFFICIAL PRESENTATION: Lacoste promoted Novak, he will defend Roland Garros in new equipment! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

CRY OF THE SERBS: My house was burned in Croatia, and now i have to pay because they destroyed it (PHOTO)

Serbs drink alcohol like Russians: We are recorders in the Balkans, we consume more than 12.5 liters annually

This is the best job in Serbia: They lay down in the shade and they enjoy themselves, and they are pulled by tractor all the time (VIDEO)

Unprecedented situation: Watch how stadiums of Partizan and Red Star look like when they make fireworks at the same time (VIDEO)

SCANDAL: Shameful scene of the grave of Tose Proeski, fans in disbelief, no one expected this (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbs and Bosniaks from Srebrenica with a trumpets celebrated the end of school: They showed love and unity, and sent a strong message to politicians (PHOTO)

Graduates, we are proud of you: Youth danced in forty cities in Serbia today at noon (VIDEO)

These girls from Nis are going into fire to save people: When people see them on the street, they shout "extinguish me!" (PHOTO)

Details of the murder in Ub: He judged the men who stalked his sister, and he went to a bar with a bloody shirt

Nina has Down's syndrome and doctors told her parents to write her off: She now reveals the magical cure to everybody (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

They asked Balkans if the dissolution of Yugoslavia brought more damage than benefit, the answers are largely identical!