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Liberland is asking for a miss from Serbia and they are paying 5.000 dollars. You have just a little time left!

IVANA IS A HORSE WHISPERER: She revealed a secret to us how to listen to animals and talk with them (PHOTO)

Monstrous liquidation of Albanian boss: Terrible stories how he brutally tortured girls to force them into prostitution

"Help, rape!": A bloody girl screamed and ran away from a migrant in a public toilet! This is a second case in Zagreb in one week

An hour of conversation with Zeljko Obradovic: As if we are some Indians, so Jokic has to train with tractor tires (PHOTO)

Terrible consequences of the unprecedented accident in Macedonia: Woman has died, a child's (9) hand was amputated

Albanian stabbed a Serb with a knife in the chest because of three Serb girls, and then escaped to Kosovo?! New details of the murder of Perica Gavrilovic (PHOTO)

He approached the Albanian king of prostitution, took out the magnum and shot him in the head! And then said - THREE WORDS IN SERBIAN (PHOTO)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia has responded on the urgent withdrawal of the entire Serbian post from Skopje

HORROR IN NOVI SAD: Man died while driving, greater tragedy has been narrowly avoided! (PHOTO)

I found the phone of a man of my life at Beer Fest. While we kissed, I felt something ice cold flowing down my entire body

Serb woman injured in terrorist attack in Barcelona!

More than 3,000 Serbs are currently in Barcelona and the surrounding area: Guidelines for behavior in these dangerous days (PHOTO)

Radosav the Policeman received 1.000 euros more than he was supposed to. He did something entirely (UN)EXPECTED

Vucic expressed his condolences over the attack in Barcelona

Zadar's Organ are the real heaven for tourists: When you combine great idea with the water, you make the most beautiful symphony (VIDEO)

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Serbian Dijana avoided the massacre in Barcelona and made a terrible video! The dismembered bodies lie everywhere

Belgrade as one of the most beautiful world metropolises: Kalemegdan got a new lighting and now looks magnificent

Wildfire is raging on Lovcen: Fire is threatening to spread to the coast, residual ammunition causes detonations, citizens call for help (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Newlyweds stopped the Aqua park in Jagodina: They went down the slide, they kissed in the pool! Serbia has never seen this kind of wedding (VIDEO)

Balkan match: America took the lead with 1: 0, Russia in counter-attack, China and Turkey from the sides, EU on goal

Little Vuk could wake up any minute from many years in coma: His mother revealed the latest details of the fight for boy's life

No Serbian athlete can leave the stand if there is a competitor from Kosovo next to him: Maljkovic explained why he won't give up from this opinion

Slap for Croats: New report of Americans is warning on praising of Ustasha and Anti-Serb Feelings in Croatia

Bosnian police officers stopped Croat because he was speeding. Soon after he died in the street!

Slovenia has decided: We don't want casual tourists anymore, we want those with deep pockets

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A migrant attacked a woman in Croatia: He charged at her in the entrance of a building, neighbors saved her

This is how the National Stadium of Serbia will look like: It's also known when it will be completed (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

WHAT A GESTURE: Man from Zenica gave a car to a single father of a blind and handicapped girl. Mother abandoned her when she was just three months old (VIDEO)