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Final Four in Belgrade 2020? Vesic discovered that we are preparing a new candidacy!

We had b*lls: Doncic gave a crazy statement and he entered the history of Final Four as the youngest MVP (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

25 years since the death of Romeo and Juliet from Sarajevo: Fatally wounded Admira crawled to dead Bosko, she hugged him and she passed away

A steam engine from 1872 is still working in this mine: It still safely lowers miners to the pit (PHOTO)

A new name proposal: Macedonia will be "Republic of Ilinden Macedonia"? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Gey lads will be able to legally marry in Montenegro: Will they be able to adopt children?

Timeless church-barn in Mionica: It was relocated four times, and it served as a hospital in the First World War (PHOTO)

A new name of Macedonia in June: Zaev and Tsipras talked in Sofia about the solution of the dispute (PHOTO)

Unprecedented scandal in the Clinical Center of Montenegro: They gave someone else's baby to the mother, and the husband noticed that the child was too small when they got home

They stole a jeep and a 6.000 euro Rolex from businessman Zdravko, and then they left him in his underpants and socks in front of the police station

Snow in May on Balkans: Blizzard in Dalmatia, Biokovo also became white, the neighbors are freezing on 0 degrees

Terrible plane crash: The colleagues of the dead pilot explain how the accident occurred (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Sofia fortress: Several thousand police officers guard Vucic and other leaders of EU and Western Balkans on the Summit (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Invaluable treasure of Serbia discovered at the bottom of a lake: Sunken castles of Helen of Anjou are guarding the truth (PHOTO)

A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

He came from Qatar and he saw snow on Zlatibor for the first time: He has a Serbian coat of arms and Cyrilics on his arm, and he plans on partying in Serbia this summer (VIDEO)

500 euros wage, food, accommodation, going to the sea: An employer is offering all of this, but no one is responding to his job offer!

Fathers of the brutally murdered young men, David and Dzenan, protested in Sarajevo: They asked for justice for their children and they said they won't give up (VIDEO)

A new drug is raging around Serbia, 100 times stronger than morphine: The brain swells up and the organs are shutting down from one pill!

Croatia is shaken by the "Hotmail" scandal: Minister of Economy deliberately deceived the public about the situation in Agrokor (VIDEO)

Panic in Belgrade: "Inex" building evacuated because of the bomb warning

Turbulent TV debate regarding the resignation of the Croatian Deputy Prime Minister: He was angry, he stood up and he headed forward his interlocutor (VIDEO)

Serb girl fell in love with Albanian and she left there, although she was forbidden: She knew only one word, and they talked in 2 languages

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

A 2-meter long snake that literally fell down from the sky on people (PHOTO)

Bosnian won the lottery, and then he was found dead: His son suspects that his father was murdered (PHOTO)

The groom wore a suit from bags and the bride wore a dress from waste paper. Instead of gifts, they got trash (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington

Terrorists planned to attack the parade and the march of "Immortal Regiment" which was led by Putin and Vucic. Russian services prevented the massacre

Nobody knows how many islands there are in Croatia, and these are the disputed numbers