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Fortress as a symbol of Novi Sad, Danube, and Vojvodina, and rarely anyone knows the terrible secret hidden behind its walls!

EXCLUSIVE: Serbia will get SERBIA OPEN marathon organized by the Athletic Federation!

Novak was amazed when he saw Bogdan's $100.000 machine and wrote a striking comment: Get a double seatbelt... (PHOTO)

AGROKOR CASE: 12 associates released pending trial, Ivica Todoric detained

Bizarre accident in Macedonia: He was run over by a tractor, then he called for the Emergency Ambulance, and then he died

The church in Serbia remains in ruins: A tombstone behind it hides one of the largest secrets (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

NEW, BRUTAL TRAFFIC PENALTIES: Seat belt - 10.000, alcohol - prison, new punishment for violent driving

BOGDAN HAS A NEW BEAST: Bogdanovic showed his new 100.000 dollar "toy" (PHOTO)

Brutal violence of girls in Banja Luka: They beat their peer until she bled, they insulted and kicked her, and they asked her to say sorry and to kiss their shoes (VIDEO)

A beautiful building in Banat hides a terrible secret: No one dares to cut the grass around this castle, and mysterious shadow flies over it once a year (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Hero of Belgrade saved his 30th life: Renato Grbic pulled out a young man (28) from the cold Danube and he revealed his first words

Cursed Adriatic island claimed another victim: Mysterious deaths occurred there, and another tragedy happened yesterday

Croats gave up from their greeting "Ready for Homeland!"

THE FEAT OF THE SERB FOR ADMIRATION - IN THE WILD: Our man won the ultramarathon of 254 kilometers through Amazon! (VIDEO)

FROM THE CITY TO THE COUNTRYSIDE: Milica did pedicure in Belgrade, and now she is making winter storage on a stove at the bottom of Rudnik mountain

Vucic, Merkel, Kurz, Orban, Borisov, Izetbegovic, Covic, Plenkovic: Besides winning the elections, one more thing is common to all of them

There is no end to the arrogance of the priests: Bishop threw out Serbs to the streets so he can make a tavern

Scandal in Macedonia: Father took his daughter's telephone (11) and almost passed out when he saw what was in it

A sad life of Serbs in Croatia: The youth is changing religion to get a job, they live in poverty, villages are ruined, houses abandoned

Never goodbye, only so long: 10 years from the death of Tose Proeski (VIDEO)

We are all with Amir: A pupil from Bosnia is a first person nominated for "Children's Nobel Peace Prize" on Balkans (VIDEO)

Viber and Comtrade have developed a revolutionary option to pay your bills through the famous app (PHOTO)

I would be in prison if they found that I embezzled even 1 euro: Ivica Todorovic after the police action that happened today

The Bosnians made the largest burek: It has 650 kg, they used crane to lift it, and now they are fighting for the Guinness book of records (VIDEO)

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: I plan a spectacle to remember on Marakana!

Serbs have set Amir's family on fire, and he refused to kill Serbian children: Muslims have been threatening him for 25 years! This is his message to bloodbathed Balkans (PHOTO)

The video shows who set up the fire which swallowed the car in 5 seconds: A "Golf" on fire on the parking lot in Podgorica (VIDEO)

Relations between Serbia and Montenegro at the highest level in the past 10 years: Vucic talked with Brajovic (PHOTO)

The American has been returning every year for 7 years to live here, he loves taverns, villages, and people: He wants a Serbian woman for his wife and Serbian genes in his family (PHOTO)

The first duel of Teodosic and Bogdan in NBA: Americans saw all the glory of Serbian basketball in one place! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)