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Dalibor has 1000 sheep and the best farm in Belgrade: You will be left speechless when you see who is his biggest support (VIDEO)

It was created quite accidentally, and the story of its becoming is breathtaking: This is the most beautiful and the cleanest lake in Serbia (PHOTO)

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The birth rate is rapidly growing in one Serbian municipality

Serbia officially prohibits the use of plastic bags

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Drama in Belgrade: The owner threatens that he will jump off from the roof of the hotel, and it isn't his first time (PHOTO)

The Serbian Ambassador to Zagreb refused to accept a protest note from Croatia because of Seselj's behavior

Croatian delegation suspends the visit to Serbia because of the politician Seselj

Djokovic admitted his mistake: I should've had a surgery right away

Valentina from Surdulica reached the tops of Andes in South America: She ate llama meat and she barely survived (PHOTO)

Serbs shut down thousands of Macedonian songs on YouTube for plagiarism

Why Croatia lacks in workforce: Three reasons why no one wants to work during a season

Putin congratulated Milo Djukanovic on the victory in the elections. Here's what he told him

I was a good student, but I became a prostitute when I met an Albanian

Goran's baby disappeared 20 years ago, and he doesn't want 10.000 euros, he is seeking for justice for 1.500 families and his child (PHOTO)

FOR A GOOD MORNING: Geese are crossing the road, and crossing, and crossing, and there is no end to it. All you can do is just wait (VIDEO)

The new generation of the most beautiful love couple: Malena hatched three eggs, Klepetan is jealously guarding them

Diplomatic Offensive begins: Goal - To prevent Kosovo's membership in Interpol

The whole world writes about the best love story in Croatia: Klepetan and Malena have 62 descendants, and he returns to her every year

Croats are inviting young people from Serbia who are ready for season jobs: Wages up to 650 euros, they don't even need a diploma

Arnaud Gouillon for Telegraf about the trip to Kosovo and Metohija which changes a man: When I'm not home, my three-year-old daughter says - Dad is in Kosovo (VIDEO)

Milo Djukanovic proclaimed victory! Montenegro got a new president

Haradinaj retakes the south of Serbia: He called Presevo and Bujanovac "East Kosovo"

The world's largest sports retail chain Decathlon arrives in Serbia (PHOTO)

The security situation in Kosovo and Metohija is very serious: Stefanovic warned the UN (PHOTO)

Serbia plays a key role: Merkel welcomed Vucic

Gay from Serbia has been living in Croatia for 4 years and is married to a man from Zagreb: I love this country, I have no problems here (PHOTO)

Election silence begins at midnight: Montenegro chooses the president

He was a Hungarian, a Catholic, he declared as a Yugoslav and he loved Serbia more than all of us: Shocking confession of a friend of the pilot who died (PHOTO)