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Erdogan and Vucic on the telephone, the Turkish president said: I will support every agreement of Serbs and Albanians

A car of a famous Serbian TV reporter exploded, her father transported urgently to the Emergency Center! (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

He murdered his wife in front of her parents because she cheated on him, and then he calmly sat down to drink coffee in the middle of the village: A bloody family drama in Macedonia

I have a house at the seaside, two pools, 650 euros pension, and I live alone: We called the number from the most famous ad in Serbia

A mole-man has been discovered: Serb robbed houses and jewelry shops by digging tunnels (VIDEO)

Half a century old bodice is being sold: Made from a special material, it has significant meaning, and no other will be made, ever (PHOTO)

The battle for Interpol begins: The offensive of Pristina and the sharp response from Belgrade

Metropolitan Amfilohije urged Montenegrin media not to create divisions and hatred where none exist

Only two tournaments remain, the difference is 215 points: What does Djokovic need to finish the year as the No. 1 tennis player in the world?

They have escaped from concrete to the village and they have never been happier: Jelena and Milos are now growing quince and tomatoes, instead of rushing into the office (PHOTO)

Novak conquered Shanghai without a lost set: Great game of Serb in the final, he won the 32nd Masters! (PHOTO)

Region says goodbye from great Milena: The starts are dying, one by one...

The most influential newspaper in the wolds asks: How could the border change happen in 2008, and now it can't?

Jovan united entire Serbia with his sad story, and now the boy from Vrmdza will get a house

Djokovic destroyed Anderson for the semifinals of Shanghai: Chinese people amazed and they cheer with Serbian flags (PHOTO)

Thaci claims: Macron supported the merger with Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac

A large oil spill has not yet arrived in Serbia: Sava river is carrying black death, the situation is monitored daily, all services are on standby

"Kosovo - Serbia", echoed in Podgorica: This is what a group of Serbian fans headed to the stadium looks like

Even Albanians go to the Orthodox temple for a "cure": This monastery couldn't be destroyed by bombs, and the water from it cures infertility (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A man from Subotica has gathered 600.000 dinars in coins in 7 years, and when he wanted to invest them he realized that he was in a deep problem

A huge oil spill is floating in Sava river after the devastating explosion in the refinery in Slavonski Brod (VIDEO)

Students from Vranje dominated in Russia: They returned from Bios Olympiad with four medals

A terrible explosion in a refinery in Bosanski Brod claimed one life: A worker was found who died, he couldn't be saved

It was proposed to the European Parliament to accept an agreement on border change if Belgrade and Pristina agree: Draft on the resolution suggested by McAllister was adopted

Djokovic returned to Shanghai as a Chinese Emperor: A powerful start of the Serb at Masters!

There was haze and suddenly a wall, a dead woman in the next car: A terrible testimonies of eyewitnesses of a serious crash near Jagodina (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

The government in Macedonia proposed amending the Constitution: The procedure for changing the name of the state has started, the opposition is against it

Unprecedented crash near Jagodina: They are still counting the dead, 27 people injured in a multiple-vehicle collision on a highway (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

Dodik: We will persevere to make a member of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats the prime minister of Republika Srpska

What kind of a pact did the Serbs sign with nature? The earth is devastated by earthquakes, storms, and disasters, and cataclysm is bypassing us