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Blizzard paralyzed the Balkans: Hurricane storm roars at 170 km/h over Croatia, Montenegrins are going through the meter of snow (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Greek minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Macedonia: This is the first time that Greek airplane landed in Skopje

Horse Zekan from Travnik loves Bosnian cevapi! (VIDEO)

Kolinda talked on the phone with Putin and invited him to visit Croatia: Plenkovic reserved on this topic

(EXCLUSIVE) Video of the fire in the betting shop Mozzart: He broke the glass, emptied the cannister, and then disappeared within seconds while the fire devoured the shop (VIDEO)

NEW ROUND: The fight continues to prevent Kosovo's membership in Interpol

Yugo appeared in a show "Top Gear" way back in 1986

"The average size of Serbian pride is 18cm and Albanian 13cm": How many women dream about sex with Albanian, and how many Albanians would go to bed with a Serbian?

The beautiful island of Brac is whole under snow: Spring ice wave in Europe will go down in history (VIDEO)

Teodosic's burst fire for three points he has never shown in NBA so far, Jokic terrorized the centers of Chicago (VIDEO)

TEAR GAS was thrown when a member of the Serbian list entered the Kosovo Parliament: The vote on the disputed law was obstructed once again

Horror in a shopping mall in Belgrade: Betting shop set on fire, the fire devoured nearby shops (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Parents in Republika Srpska were fined for refusing to vaccinate their child! The penalty is the smallest and it is absurd

Rijeka covered in snakes: Citizens saw them everywhere, they go into homes and theaters, the authorities claim that it is all normal

Snow covered half of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and floods are imminent in Republika Srpska: Region on standby, red meteoalarm active

Despite the strong ban, Putin's Night Wolves entered Bosnia and Herzegovina: Friends from Republika Srpska gave them a lot of symbols of Orthodoxy (PHOTO)

IT IS OFFICIAL: Telenor sold for 2.8 billion euros

Another "narco-priest" arrested with drugs, his defense was silence: Details of the last case that shook Serbian Orthodox church and the general public

Uros (18) from Belgrade is going to Gymnasium and he will make every household happy with his invention, and he will send one profession to history (VIDEO)

This is how a man from Dalmatia cleans snow in Baranja! (PHOTO)

Putin's Night Wolves landed in Belgrade and - disappeared: We reveal their mysterious mission, here's the entire planned route (MAP)

Americans gave recognition to the Serbian students on CNN: Your children are the smartest in the world, they dominate wherever they show up

Bosnians invented a new sport: Football in a "pool", game in a knee-deep water! (PHOTO)

Jokic played a great match, but Denver lost after two extra times: However, they wouldn't be there if the Serb didn't jump like that (VIDEO)

IT IS OFFICIAL: This is the new jersey of the national team of Serbia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbia - 12 dead from measles, Czech Republic - 12 sick in February: What are the penalties for unscrupulous parents and how does the anti-vaccine lobby work? (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

While everything is floating around them after the storm, Montenegrins are relaxed, sitting in their rubber boots and casually drinking wine at Ada Bojana (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Raging Lake Ohrid swallows everything in its path: Cafes underwater, the bridge is flooded, and the locals are fearing the worst (VIDEO)

The farmer Tvrtko is sick and tired of the thief who steals his fruit, so he sent a message to him (VIDEO)

A Serb with his three sons bought girls for 40.000 euros and he made them commit robberies: They had to do 10 robberies per day and whoever returned without loot - punishment (PHOTO)