Teme: Serbia

No Serbian athlete can leave the stand if there is a competitor from Kosovo next to him: Maljkovic explained why he won't give up from this opinion

Slap for Croats: New report of Americans is warning on praising of Ustasha and Anti-Serb Feelings in Croatia

Serbs are going to the vacation in Albania this summer: Take a look at their beaches (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

This is how the National Stadium of Serbia will look like: It's also known when it will be completed (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Tour guide attacked a girl from Nis (17) on Zakynthos, she ended up in a cast: He twisted her hand, dragged her to the exit of apartment and threw her out on the street (PHOTO)

Ivana is happy after the important decision from London and she thanked everyone!

Arabs are massively buying land in Bosnia, mostly from Serbs: New suburbs are growing, and the real reason is a puzzle

Athletes from London voted Ivana Spanovic for the winner: Serbian in the selected company for the future of the queen of sports!

Cubans have traveled half a world for love: Exotic girls are enjoying in Loznica, and the story behind it is insane!

Serbian rower, who disappeared, has been found and urgently transported to the hospital

Ivana Spanovic: I don't feel bad about everything, I have said everything with my last jump and the gold will be mine eventually! (VIDEO)

The American writer reveals the magic of her books: Although we live in different continents, we all enjoy the same stories

I LIVED IN HELL, I DREAMED ABOUT SERBIA, I CRIED THE ENTIRE NIGHT: Honest confession of Mirjana (30) whose cakes have infatuated the Swiss (PHOTO)

IT'S TIME FOR MEDAL: Ivana is chasing for gold in London, bookmakers have declared her a favorite (PHOTO)

Earthquakes of 6 degrees on Richter scale are threatening Serbia: Seismologists are warning about the quakes

Baby in Belgrade surprised the entire medical world: She was born with two teeth, and two more came out few days later (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

IKEA in Belgrade is open for business, and Telegraf in at the opening of the jubilee 400th building of the most famous Swedish department store chain (VIDEO)

Spanovic: Everything was as planned (PHOTO)

Sex games in Serbian hospital: Director found a nurse and a lover in action, he escaped to the basement, she took a sick leave

Only Matic from the United players stood before the press: What he said about Pogba's selfishness and Luka Modric (VIDEO)

THIS IS THE PICTURE OF CROATIA: New photo of Tompson and Minister of Defenders on the cover of weekly magazine has caused numerous comments (PHOTO)

Photo of a boy in center of Belgrade with the shirt of "Great Albania" (PHOTO)

HISTORIANS DECIDED: Mystery has been finally solved weather "READY FOR HOMELAND" is Ustasha greeting

Ready for her first gold: Ivana Spanovic with a powerful message traveled to London!

Serbian officer is offering free vacation for poor families because he knows what's it like to have nothing: Predrag provides accommodation, food and transportation (PHOTO)

(EXCLUSIVE) Milicic opened the door of his paradise to the Americans: The Old NBA Darko does not exist anymore, the new one finally found happiness (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Ustasha songs and shouting "Kill, Kill Serbs" marked Tompson's concert which was, of course, broadcast on television (VIDEO)

IT IS A JOY TO WATCH THEM SING NATIONAL ANTHEM "BOZE PRAVDE": Be proud of these guys, basketball will remain in their hands! (VIDEO)

Fake doctor from Serbia is cheating people who suffer from cancer: He is taking thousands of euros, and gives them advises from YouTube (PHOTO)

Could it be more complicated? Red Star going against Krasnodar, Partizan is waiting for Videoton FC