Teme: Serbia

Sofia fortress: Several thousand police officers guard Vucic and other leaders of EU and Western Balkans on the Summit (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Invaluable treasure of Serbia discovered at the bottom of a lake: Sunken castles of Helen of Anjou are guarding the truth (PHOTO)

A Serb wanted to destroy Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez ... he was preparing to attack the Royal Family: All about the actions of the right hand of "The Dark Overlord"

He came from Qatar and he saw snow on Zlatibor for the first time: He has a Serbian coat of arms and Cyrilics on his arm, and he plans on partying in Serbia this summer (VIDEO)

500 euros wage, food, accommodation, going to the sea: An employer is offering all of this, but no one is responding to his job offer!

A new drug is raging around Serbia, 100 times stronger than morphine: The brain swells up and the organs are shutting down from one pill!

Panic in Belgrade: "Inex" building evacuated because of the bomb warning

Serb girl fell in love with Albanian and she left there, although she was forbidden: She knew only one word, and they talked in 2 languages

Confession of a priest who has to go to prison for drinking: One service after the other and I had 2.06 blood alcohol level - not even the church robes could help me in the police (PHOTO)

A 2-meter long snake that literally fell down from the sky on people (PHOTO)

Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington

Bravo! Serbia advances to the final of Eurovision! (VIDEO)

The allowed top speed will soon be 130 km/h on the highway: Proposal for amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety was adopted

They are deciding about the destiny of Serbia in Washington: Representatives of 5 most powerful western countries discuss the final phase of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

The danger is lurking with every step: The attacks are coming from the sky - everybody passing through here are in danger

Serb and a Macedonian arrested at a border: They tried to smuggle antique coins and artifacts which are priceless

Serbian list is not returning to Kosovo Government

Aleksandra was just 21 when the doctors gave her only one more month to live: One decade later, this brave girl reveals why she lived (PHOTO)

Butcher from Kosjeric killed his wife because of Facebook: There is an incredible story behind the unprecedented crime

Is the expired milk recycled in Serbia and what do numbers on the pack mean?

Hail destroyed Serbia, farmers don't know what to do: How much money did we lose for the weekend?

Croats are again going through the lists for 3.800 Serbs: Killing of pigs and stealing of house appliances are also war crimes?!

Horrible murder in Kosjeric: He broke into the house and he started butchering the mother in front of children who couldn't help her. He abused her before as well (PHOTO)

Croatian fans approached Vucic at the Champions League match and they told him: Well done, you have guts!

Serbian victory! Kosovo state symbols removed from EU

Foreigners are selling the Serbian brand Cipiriti: Favorite treat will be produced in Paracin

The confession of a mother of a raped boy: His father beat us, I was no mother, nor a woman, but an animal who endures it all! (PHOTO)

Who is a Serb who broke the NBA tradition? The youngest coach on the senior bench, he demolished Kosovo for Serbia! (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

Will Croatia withdraw its ambassador from Belgrade: This is the decision from Zagreb

They asked Novak if he is suffering from orthorexia, he began to wonder, and then he smiled, then he gave the best possible answer! (VIDEO)