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Veselin Jevrosimović: The word "password" will go into oblivion faster than you expect!

- The problem with information security becomes greater with the number of Internet users, especially when mobile devices are used for various types of online transactions - wrote Veselin Jevrosimovic in his column

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In this week's column of the daily newspaper "Informer", Veselin Jevrosimovic wrote about passwords, their safety, as well as things that will replace them in the near future.


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Here's what the owner of Comtrade wrote about this topic:


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"Do you know that the most common password that people use is" 123456 "? Of course, there are personal names, names of family members, other combinations of numbers and the like. And then we wonder when we read the news about how hackers managed to fall into a computer network and steal private data. The problem of information security becomes greater as the number of Internet users, especially with mobile devices being used for various types of online transactions.


Education of the general population should be to take elementary precautions as one of the methods of protection. Another, perhaps more successful way is completely circumvent passwords. The problem with them is that, even when they are complex,  people usually use them for many accounts, and "breaking" one portal automatically endangers all the others. Furthermore, despite encryption, they are usually kept on servers and are vulnerable while "traveling" through the network.


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Foto: Promo

Foto: Promo


How to abolish passwords? Biometrics is definitely one of the better ways. Fingerprint readers on computers have been installed for more than a decade, but due to the inaccuracy of reading have not gained more popularity. The development of technology has led to the fact that you do not have to drag your finger across the sensor, which is the main source of imprecision mentioned, but that it is enough to lay your finger onto your reader.


Veselin Jevrosimović: Computers will soon recognize us!


Therefore, I expect that eventually, first on the phone, and then on the other devices, fingerprints will become the most common method of identification. After that we can expect a breakthrough in face recognitio, as such a solution exists but is relatively rarely used. Reading the retina of the eye is an even more reliable method based on a similar concept. Although both of these methods may involve problems and the possibility of "cheating" the system, it is still reduced to a minimum. Did you know that the second most common password used is "password". It is possible that faster than you expect this sort of thing to go into oblivion. "



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