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Spectacular goal: Zivkovic was a few meters behind of opponent, and then he started running like Bolt (VIDEO)

Fantastic moves of Utreht football players marked the match in Tvente

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Risario Zivkovic marked the match of the Netherlands cup between Tvente and Utreht, after he kicked out the host from the competition with two goals and final score of 3:1.
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He scored two goals, both phenomenal. First one had a incredible kick, and second incredible speed.
First was scored in 17th minute after the great kick from 20 meters, when the ball ended up in the corner of the goal.
Host fought back and grabbed an equalizer in 54th minute, but the Utreht had the last word in the end of the match. Holer scored for 2:1 in 88th minute, and in the last moments of the match, in 93rd minute Zivkovic scored another goal when Tvente goal keeper went on offence.
Quick counter attack followed where the incredible speed was shown by Zivkovic, who ran past opponents, even though they were few meters behind them and he placed a ball in empty net.
Watch the first goal:

And especially take a look at the second one:


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