Haradinaj makes threats: "Kosovo army" to have most modern weapons in region, not rusty like Serbia

He says that while Serbia is receives "rusty weapons" from Russia, Kosovo will have "state of the art weapons from the US"

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo member and brother of outgoing Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj - Daut Haradinaj - says the Kosovo Security Force, or, as he put it, the "Kosovo army" - "will have the most modern weapons in the region" - while Serbia has rusty weapon from Russia, Kossev is reporting today.

"One day we will reach an agreement with Serbia, so the tax (on Serbian goods) is not eternal. Serbs, too, are tired and want solutions. There is great dissatisfaction," Daut Haradinaj told Kosovo's public broadcaster.

Daut Haradinaj

Screenshot: Youtube/Radiotelevision 21 (Official Channel)

He also said that the delivery of goods from Serbia was not blocked, "but taxed" and that (Pristina's) relations with the US are therefore not undermined, adding that the main goal is to obtain Serbia's recognition of Kosovo.

"There's no blockade. It's absolutely false that we have spoiled our relations with the US because we have many friends there," said Daut Haradinaj, adding that these friends will help them "strengthen the army with more sophisticated weapons."

He says that while Serbia receives "rusty weapons" from Russia, Kosovo will have "state of the art weapons from the US."

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