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Is Togo the 15th state to withdraw recognition of the so-called Kosovo? Here's what Dacic says

My goal is for the number to fall below 97, which is half of the total number of United Nations members, the minister said

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Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says that he last week traveled to get a dimplomatic note from the 15th country that wants to withdraw its recognition of Kosovo's independence - but that on the day he wanted to announce it, the Quint issued a statement telling Serbia that it should cease its withdrawals campaign.

He said he didn't mention that it was about Togo, as reported by the media, and commented on the Quint's statement with this message: "We have no intention of arguing with anyone."

He adds that it is simply Serbia's policy to do so, and noted that when others were recognizing Kosovo, nobody cared if Serbia would be angry.

"When it comes to bilateral relations, I can't say to a country not to withdraw its recognition. I will soon officially announce and show this note, what's interesting is that note was made on Vidovdan (June 28, an important feast in Serbia)," Dacic told Happy TV.

He added that he has visited 105 countries and saw that many don't know what this is about, that some other, previous administrations had made such a decision (to recognize Kosovo) - but that they were ready to revise those decisions.

Ivica Dačić

ivica Dacic - Photo: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll

On the other hand, he states that these countries want to have good relations with us and talk not only about Kosovo, but generally about our relations.

"Tanzania was angry because we closed their embassy after October 5 (2000). I will now make a recapitulation of how many countries recognize and how many don't recognize Kosovo. There are countries that have frozen that decision, like Peru and Egypt. My goal is for it to fall below 97, which is half of the total number of United Nations members," the minister said.

To the accusations that he is interfering in America's internal affairs (by calling on Serbs there to vote for Trump), Dacic replies that small countries cannot interfere in the domestic affairs of big ones.

"I think sometimes we give too much importance to such statements, they come from clerks in foreign affairs ministries who are constantly trying to make some symmetry of guilt. Serbia doesn't have to do anything about it, (Pristina's) taxes are an indication that someone doesn't want economic cooperation with you. No one is mentioning the Community of Serb Municipalities, the appropriation of Orthodox churches, the formation of a so-called (Kosovo) army," says Dacic, referring to the Quint statement.

He stresses that this is not only about Albanian lobbyists, but also about interests of some politicians in the US.

"When you talk about the Serb diaspora, one congressman said, 'The Serbs are the best, they don't ask for anything' - which means you can do whatever you want. Never has the Serb Diaspora been organized in this way, Wilson was the US president who put the Serbian flag on the White House. It's important that Trump and Democrats know who the Serbs will vote for and see what kind of policy they will direct towards that side," Dacic said, and asked:

"We're not going to support Clinton, are we?"

He also said that small countries cannot interfere in the domestic politics of large ones, but that we also need contacts with the US administration, above all with the White House. "President Vucic will meet with Pompeo, all that is a good introduction to us needing to seek some common interest with America," concluded the head of Serbian diplomacy.



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