Teme: Kosovo and Metohija

People in shock, they demolished a shop, smashed cars: The largest conflict between ROSU and Serbs happened here (VIDEO)

Exclusive video! Pristina special forces are taking the arrested Serb to Pristina (PHOTO)

10 members of ROSU against 1 Serb: New footage of arrests in Bosnjacka Mahala (VIDEO)

Arrests on Kosovo: ROSU arrested six Serbs, members of Kosovo Police (VIDEO)

Satellite images of the sacred Serbian mountain Pastrik: The battlefield of the second-largest battle in 1999 today looks like a "Moon's surface"

We have entered the notorious village, the birthplace of the terrorist, just before the "Day of Captain Leshi": When we asked Albanians about him, we received a clear answer, in Serbian (PHOTO)

Attack on Serbia from two sides: They are "setting on fire" the Raska area and the south of the country (VIDEO)

Slavoljub is the hero from the border post Gorozup and the only one who survived the truck of death: There were 38 of us and 2.000 of them, they were like ants

Serbian list won in the snap elections in all four municipalities in the north of Kosovo and Metohija

Scandalous "Resolution on the genocide of Serbia on Kosovo" has been adopted in Pristina

Kosovo police preparing arrests in northern Kosovo: Vucic revealed Pristina's plan for Monday

The French government under pressure to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo: People started the petition

An Albanian sniper shut down the heart of a Serbian champion: Instead of a marathon, he went to defend Kosovo, and his words are remembered even today (PHOTO)

The attack of ROSU members on Serbs in Kosovo: Bloody faces, people in tears (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

New York Times on the summit on the Western Balkans: First, to mediate between Thaci and Haradinaj, and then everything else

"The Greats" are taking over the Western Balkans: Merkel and Macron

"We will stop Serbian officials at the border, we will hold them for hours, we will send intelligence agencies, police": New provocation by Haradinaj

Special prosecution for the crimes of KLA prepared the "bombs" for Thaci and the "lord of Kosovo": Witnesses, footages and other evidence are prepared

Vucic met with Xi Jinping: Economic Cooperation and Kosovo and Metohija are the main topics with President of China (PHOTO)

A Serb got onto the server of the American Ministry of Defence and downloaded exclusive photos of NATO bombing: They were aiming for civilians, bridges, and railroads (PHOTO)

The most painful pictures of the bombing: I fought with tears on the exhibit of NATO crimes from 1999, I will never forgive them (PHOTO)

Pristina formed the commission for conviction of the war crimes of Serbia following the example of Srebrenica

The show that shocked Serbia: Poor hero from Kosar received a tractor, he made a cross with his hand, he kissed it and he started to cry (VIDEO)

Pristina taxes are meaningless and provocative: The latest message from Washington

Telegraf above Kosovo and Metohija: We flew above the southern Serbian province in KFOR helicopter (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

We entered Bondsteel and we asked 2 questions to the commander: His words about the Serbian Army will surprise you (VIDEO) (PHOTO)

My Vladimir was 19 years old when he died for Serbia: Albanians recorded killing him, and they are still not in prison

Evil is coming for Serbs on the north of Kosovo: Pristina plans to "round off sovereignty throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija"

"I am an American soldier who follows orders on the field": Haradinaj admitted that he is just following orders

The USA strikes Russia in a hidden message! They are using the crisis on Kosovo to remain in Balkans: Amecian general announced the help to "Kosovo Army"