Teme: Kosovo and Metohija

Who will take control of the intelligence service: The new conflict between Thaci and Haradinaj

Thaci praised on Twitter about the meeting with Putin, Kremlin is still silent: What were they talking about?

Great victory by Serbia! ENTSO refused the request of Pristina to take over the electricity network in northern Kosovo

Kosovo has the right to create the military: NATO is not against it, but there are two conditions

CIA proclaimed that Kosovo is independent, and then they "misplaced" more than 180.000 expelled Serbs: US intelligence agency has reduced the number of expelled people

Representatives of Pristina will only be able to sneak through the corridors of international organizations, praying for recognition, Djuric points out: Many things depend on Serbia

Pristina threatens the European Union: It all depends on the abolition of visas

Albanians stoned Serbs: We were afraid and we prayed, women lied down in the bus (VIDEO)

Only Albania will remain who will recognize Kosovo: Dacic about the downfall of Pristina's politics

Haradinaj admitted: Serbia lobbied better for the first time

Albanians are not allowing us to celebrate a holiday on Kosovo! A scandalous decision of the parliament in Pristina

The most influential newspaper in the wolds asks: How could the border change happen in 2008, and now it can't?

Thaci claims: Macron supported the merger with Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac

US Senator admits: Donald Trump is interested in the solution of the Kosovo issue!

Haradinaj asks for the right on the army without any restrictions! Kosovo Security Force will operate in the north of Kosovo as well

Serb girls from Kosovo came to Belgrade to buy a wedding dress: When they got back to the car on a parking lot, they were petrified (PHOTO)

The steps in attempts to create Greater Albania are growing larger: A dramatic warning from the European movement

Meeting with Putin is the proof of Vucic's reputation in the international community: Vesic about the meeting of the presidents of Serbia and Russia

For UN, Kosovo is not a state! Strong words by Guterres at the meeting with Brnabic: UNMIK remains (PHOTO)

Tears of little Damjan from Kosovo defeated Serbia: They took away a glass of warm milk out of his hands. They stole his cow Dragana!

Pristina will burn on October 8th! A terrible threat to the Kosovo Liberation Army terrorists

Thaci, Haradinaj, and Pacolli as starlets in UN: They posted more than 160 photos and videos from the event they weren't even invited to (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Serbs hold the Balkans in their hands: Two governments in the region depend on our votes

A slap in the face to Haradinaj, Thaci, and Pacolli in the middle of New York! A clear message from UN: Nobody invited you here

An Albanian has been feeding sick children in Vranje each day for the past 4 years: His children are playing with them, and Serbs work in the bakery (PHOTO)

Prime Minister of Morocco denied the "minister" of Kosovo: The gentlemen from Kosovo imposed his presence, we didn't discuss bilateral relations

Serbs are good people: Telegraf reveals the details of the talks between Trump and Brnabic

Scandal! Albanians want to sue Serbia for 22 billion euros: This is the price of war compensation ?!

It is calm in Mitrovica and Gazivode: Everything is prepared for the arrival of Vucic (PHOTO)

A new round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina starts today: Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci face to face in Brussels