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Serbian model winds up in wheelchair after zip line accident on billionaire's New York estate

The Serbian hit a tree at great speed during a zip line ride on his luxury estate; the force of the impact left her stranded 50 feet above the ground, from where she hung helplessly - literally for two hours

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25-year-okd Serbian model Simona Andrejic has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against Chinh Chu, after being badly injured during a zip lane crash on the 53-year-old Vietnamese billionaire's estate.

Chu invited a group of young models and other friends to visit his home in Westchester, New York on July 17, where he has a garage stocked with "supercars."

The Serbian woman hit a tree at great speed during a zip line ride; the force of the impact left her stranded 50 feet (15 meters) above the ground, where she hung helplessly - literally for two hours!

Chinh Chu

Screenshot: YouTube/Bloomberg Live

Emergency services arrived afterwards to rescue the unfortunate Simona, discovering that she had broken her pelvis in several places. She also had to have one of her arms stitched up urgently, and was then transferred by helicopter to Yale New Haven Hospital, one of the best known facilities in the US, Page Six writes.

Chu, who is divorced with two children and is currently dating  a former Russian former, promised Simona that that he would take care of all her needs as she is recovering.

Simona Andrejic

Photo: Profimedia/Alamy

He put her in a five-star hotel and gave her the use of a Rolls Royce so she could see her doctor, several sources said.

However, Chu offered Simona a settlement of several thousand dollars a month - for a period of one year - and a source says that compared to her earnings - this was just pocket money.

When she did not accept his offer, his assistant threatened to cancel medical care payments, as well as the hotel bills. After these threats, Simona decided to voluntarily leave the hotel.

Chu has not made any public statements, his lawyer John Altorelli is not taking calls, while his PR service has declined to comment.

Simona ended up in a wheelchair after the accident.

Her attorney Salvatore Strazzullo made the following brief statement: "Simona has devastating injuries. She cannot work and is in substantial pain. She should be fairly compensated within the law."

Simona Andrejic is one of the favorite faces for famous brands such as Kelvin Klein, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Dior.

Video footage from Chinh Chu's estate:



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