Big traffic jams on Serbia's borders: Wait time at Batrovci 3 hours; worst situation at Horgos

The Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Serbia (AMSS) advises drivers start their trips well rested and not be in a rush in order to make driving safer

Passenger cars wait four hours to exit the country via the Horgos border crossing with Hungary, and three hours at Batrovci (with Croatia), the AMSS said on Friday.

Exiting Serbia via the border crossings of Kelebija and Backi Vinogradi takes about an hour, as well as when entering the country via Gradina and Presevo.

Vehicles leaving the country via the Presevo border crossing wait about 20 minutes. According to the AMSS trucks wait two hours at Horgos.

The AMSS is warning that the weekend brings more vehicles to the busiest roads, as well as possible longer wait times on toll booths and border crossings.

Drivers are advised to start their journey well rested, not to rush, and to monitor traffic signs where work is being done on the road, in order to make driving safer.


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