BMW driver arrested on suspicion of causing horrific traffic accident that killed 4 youths

The accident occurred on the Ibar Highway near Zupanjac

Members of the Belgrade Interior Ministry have arrested a 27-year-old driver, N.M., on suspicion of committing a serious crime against public traffic safety.

He is suspected of causing a traffic accident on the Ibar Highway near Zupanjac one hour after midnight on Friday, that resulted in the deaths of 4 people and injuring of 4 others.

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Photo: Telegraf

The suspect has been detained for up to 48 hours and will be brought before the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office in Lazarevac, along with a criminal complaint.

The accident occurred when two vehicles collided - a BMW and a Dacia.  The collision happened near the settlement of Zupanjac on the Ibar Highway, close to the exit for Bogovadja.

Unofficial reports say that there were four people in the BMW, three young men and one girl, who was killed.

There were also four young people in the Dacia, where three persons were killed.

According to information from the scene, those injured have sustained serious, life-threatening wounds.


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