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Cars set on fire in Lazarevac, Aleksandar claims he's the target: They wanted to kill me 4 yrs ago

The first car caught on fire at 2:50 am and the second at 2:59 pm

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Last night, in the space of just nine minutes, arsonists started fires on two locations in the municipality of Lazarevac, setting parked cars ablaze.

As Aleksandar Drazic wrote on Facebook, both cars that were set on fire are connected to him, and the damage was done on the same day that someone tried to kill him 4 years ago, he warned on Facebook.

"One car was in front of the family home and another in Veljko Vlahovic Street, at the same time. The scene is terrifying! Three other cars were seriously damaged (two totally). Those who gave the order and executed it clearly did not care about the extent of the damage, what and who would suffer. The goal is evident! Disaster! This day four years ago they planned and tried to kill me," Drazic wrote, announcing in a comment that the details were yet to be revealed.

People in this small town are desperate.

"Last night it was burning Lazarevac. It no longer matters whose it is, or why, it matters that it burned. All of you who think it can't happen to you are wrong. You will say something that someone won't like and yours will burn too. Mindlessness, primitivism and violence reign...," wrote Vesna Lakicevic, urging citizens to gather at the Mining Fountain around 7 pm today.

Video: The first bus that caught on fire on the Milos Veliki highway



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