Teme: cars

A traffic light dangling by a thread confused the Montenegrins: It turns around after you to show that you drove through the red light (VIDEO)

A torrent of water in front of the Old Town in Kotor: The main street is flooded, metal pontoons were placed (VIDEO)

Terrible multiple-vehicle crash on the highway: Zero visibility due to thick smoke and a lost life, firefighters had to cut open a crushed van (PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

Traffic blocked again in Bosnia and Herzegovina over fuel prices: Many cities are paralyzed, drivers are not giving up from their demands (VIDEO)

Croats wonder: "Serbs have blocked the roads over fuel prices, what are we going to do?" (PHOTO)

A man from Kraljevo bought an old "101" and he has a real beast today: He has blown away everybody away at the competition in Budapest (VIDEO)

They are the rich kids of Bosnia and Herzegovina and they are proudly showing it: Luscious cleavages, expensive cars and reckless behavior (PHOTO)

British Daily Mail brutally mocked Croats: They have no idea how to park, they all go in crooked, that's how they do it here (VIDEO)

This is how the king of cocaine was arrested in Novi Sad: Special forces stopped the black "Porsche", and they went to the secret location. The city was blocked for 3 hours (VIDEO OF THE ENTIRE ACTION)

Brutally arrogant driver on Montenegro coast in his DEADLY OVERTAKE (VIDEO)

SNAKE SUMMER IS AHEAD OF US: Snake whisperer from Krivolak has terrifying warning for the Balkans (PHOTO)

THE END FOR "ZASTAVA" AUTOMOBILES: The most famous factory in Yugoslavia declared bankruptcy

Wild boys rampaged in Kotor, jumped on parked cars and made caused great damage (VIDEO)

Regional cooperation as an investment in the future of the Western Balkans and Europe

First shipment of Fiat cars to Russia maybe already in May