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Warning! Two possible options for election fraud in Kosovo: Vucic urges Serbs to vote for Serb List

He stressed that it is therefore important that as many Serbs as possible turn out to vote in the elections on October 6 and to give their vote to those they trust, while his plea, he said, is that they cast their ballots for the Serb List (Srpska Lista) - because it is the only one that is working with Belgrade

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic today called on Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, those internally displaced and exiled, to exercise their right and vote for the Serb List, in that way thwarting the attempts to manipulate the electoral will of the Serbs.

In a statement to RTS, Vucic said that the Serb List is experiencing veritable political terror and persecution, organized by the organs of the so-called parastate, supported by some in the international community.

"Look at who and why is working against that list," the president appealed and stressed that the campaign consists of preventing only the representatives of the Serb List from gettingt support from anyone from central Serbia, anyone, from any side.

"Members of parliaments from different countries, from the Bundestag, are allowed to walk around and send messages of support to the Albanians, but it's forbidden only to Serbs to support their Serb List. A video has also been banned because the Serb List is blamed for saying 'Serbia is calling'," Vucic said.

Aleksandar Vučić, predsednik Srbije, Sergej Lavrov, SAD

Vucic - Photo: Presidency of Serbia

He recalled that the spot was banned on an appeal lodged by BIRN, similar to what happened in 2017.

"The great BIRN has again complained about 'incitement to hate'. When you say 'Serbia is calling', that's incitement to hate - but it's not incitement to hate when the party of Trajkovic and Rasic speak in Albanan to say that the Serb List is 'a monster'," Vucic said.

They are filming videos in front of a Serbian church that they won't allow to be Serbian, the president said, adding that they have allocated three million euros in special money to buy Serb votes, because they want to create "suitable" Serbs.

"Only Serbia is a forbidden word," said Vucic.

The president pointed out that there are two possible options to carry out large-scale manipulation of elections in Kosovo - theft by mail and letters or by invalid ballot papers, in order to get false votes for Serbs.

"One form of theft by mail and letters, because they have not so far allowed the OSCE to monitor that. We will ask for OSCE's control, for the OSCE to guard the mail and letters because we know that no one would ever vote for these people," said Vucic, adding that he hopes the OSCE will insist on that as well.

On the other hand, he warned that wherever there are invalid ballots, there is an agreement for Albanian parties to turn those ballots into votes in favor of those Serbs that are obedient and suitable to them.

"For obedient and suitable Serbs who, unfortunately, have the support of some structures in Belgrade, who recognize the newest state of Kosovo, as they say, and want reconciliation. As if we, who are still fighting for Serbia and our people, do not want that," said Vucic.

These are two options for possible manipulations, he reiterated, because, as he says, Albanians will not vote for them, but make an alibi to get fake votes for Serbs thanks to invalid ballot papers.

"These are commonly known things and that is why I urge the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija to oppose them, with pen and paper, with their vote, to turn out in greater numbers than ever, in all parts, in the enclaves, in the north of Kosovo and to show Serb unity, and that they cannot be separated from Serbia," said the president of Serbia.

Vucic said there has been enormous engagement the whole time and a major campaign is underway against Serbs in northern Kosovo.

He said foreigners also campaigned against the Serb List because they were bothered by the Serbs referring to Belgrade.

"They want to exclude Belgrade, they want only obedient Serbs who would be ruled by foreigners and Albanians," said Vucic.

Vucic emphasized that they know they have no backing among the Serb people and that if "suitable" Serbs like Rada Trajkovic are brought in, Serbia will have to recognize Kosovo because they will ask for it.

He stressed that it's therefore important that as many Serbs as possible turn out to vote in the elections on October 6 and to give their vote to those they trust, while his plea, he said, is that they cast their ballots for the Serb List - because it is the only one that is working with Belgrade.

"Anything else means breaking ties and contacts with Belgrade and the possibility of supporting the unity of the Serb people," said Vucic.

Asked if he would get involved in some way before the end of the campaign, Vucic said he would invite candidates for the (Kosovo) assembly to Belgrade, by which they will symbolically show which state is their own.

He emphasized that he would give them full support and that he would again call on people to turn out to vote.

"My message, Serbs, is to vote in as great numbers as possible because we vote for our survival in Kosovo and Metohija, in our homes, we vote for Serbian salaries in schools and hospitals, because everything will be abolished if we don't have the right to vote and if we don't hear the voice of the Serbs. Serbia is calling, and I am pleading with people to show responsibility and seriousness," said President Aleksandar Vucic.



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