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Accident blackspots with most deaths in Serbia: Map of risky roads created, 2 die every day

On average, two people lose their lives on the roads every day

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Cyclists, motorcyclists, children, passengers in cars, in tractors - many have lost their lives on Serbian roads that have been like a battlefield this year. From the beginning of January until the end of August, there have been 23,057 traffic accidents, at least half of which occurred in Belgrade.

The average is horrifying. According to it, two lives are lost every day on the roads in Serbia. Appeals for safe driving and caution are of no use. Most of people die precisely because of speeding, improper overtaking and failure to wear a seat belt. And so the state has decided to make an official map of the highest risk roads.

The Ministry of Transport issued a rulebook on how to identify the highest risk traffic sections, and how to rank dangerous spots.

This will be done based on open data from the Social Innovation Observatory. The organization identified about 150 areas where serious accidents occur (with over 50 percent resulting in injuries or deaths), and where there have been at least ten accidents within a 200-meter radius.

All you have to do is type in the name of a municipality and the spots where most accidents occur will show up.

Pretraga crnih tačaka, data.odi.rs

Photo: Printscreen/data.odi.rs

Some major high-risk sections, as Telegraf.rs has already reported, are known to many, but drivers still don't take enough care when driving there. The Ibar Highway is the scene of many accidents. Due to speeding drivers often drive off the road and hit a tree or something else along the side of it.


During the winter, the road from Zlatibor towards Montenegro is critical, while this is true of the Belgrade-Zrenjanin road in the fall, when tractors spread mud and soil on the surface of the road, making it slippery. The situation is similar in a part of the Sabac-Loznica road.

Judging by the number of accidents, however, the whole of Serbia has become an accident blackspot. The public company Roads of Serbia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have recently, nevertheless, designated some specific blackspots.

Crne tačke

Blackspots marked by MUP and Roads of Serbia recently; Printscreen: AMSS

However, none of this will be enough unless drivers come to their senses - and these are some of the most common mistakes that can end up costing them and other participants in traffic their lives:

- speed unadjusted to road and traffic conditions

- use of mobile phones while driving

- alcohol and fatigue

- non-compliance with traffic regulations

- poor assessment of traffic situations

- driving defective vehicles

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