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Serbian high school students attacked by Albanians in Italy: 2 students have head injuries

Their return from Italy, where they are on a seven-day school excursion, is expected on Sunday

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At least two students from Prokuplje sustained injuries in a brawl when they were allegedly attacked by two Albanians, after which they received help from a local Italian hospital.

According to Juzne Vesti their return from Italy, where they are on a seven-day excursion, is expected on Sunday, when more details about the incident will be known.

The news of the incident was also confirmed by the head of the Nisava and Toplica Districts School Administration, Dragan Gejo, who said that he heard from the high school principal Dragoslav Minic and the students that they are now completely safe.

"What I learned from him was that as they walked around the city in the evening, two young Albanians with Italian passports ran in from behind and struck two boys with their fists on the head and then fled. One student sustained a minor head injury and the other has a cut lip and a swollen nose," Gejo said.

He added that he also spoke on the phone with the assistant minister for secondary schools, that the incident has been recorded by security cameras, and that the Italian carabinieri have identified and apprehended the two assailants shortly after the incident, while Director Minic gave a statement to the police.

99 students from the Prokuplje Grammar School are in Italy on the excursion.

(Telegraf.rs/Juzne Vesti)


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