Teme: Italy

Exclusive: The man who is "guilty" of Melania and Donald Trump meeting each other. He is speaking to Telegraf about it for the first time (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Montenegrins fear that they could experience the same tragic fate of Genoa: Take a look at the terrible sight of the cracked busy bridge (PHOTO)

"Dad, don't do that to me, don't take me away": Dramatic footage of little Cesar being taken away, he begged his father not to separate him from the mother (VIDEO)

An Italian colonel in Kosovo suffered from a giant tumor and proved that the disease was a result of radiation

Regrouping before the final battle for Kosovo: Vucic in Kremlin, Quint in Washington

Two ambassadors remained in Belgrade while the bombs were falling on Serbia in 1999: This is a confession of one of them

Nikola, Vlada, and few other people decided to leave everything and to start over again, humbly, in nature, with animals: This is their life now (VIDEO)

New disturbing data comes from Italy: 348 soldiers died from depleted uranium on Kosovo and Metohija

Great white shark recorded in the Adriatic: It is 7 meters long and weighs two tonnes (VIDEO)

We have over 40 million euros, and Serbs are making miracles with 2.5! This statement is the best proof that we are the land of basketball (VIDEO)

SERBIA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS OF EUROBASKET: Eagles demolished Italy and scheduled a battle with the Russians!

Why is Croatia in open diplomatic war with absolutely all neighbors?

Croatia entered a "customs war" with three other countries: Italy, Austria and Germany filed charges to the European Commission

Nina's boy is being taken away today to hand him over to father: The entire city is on the streets, they will defend the small boy (7) (VIDEO)

The fake prince sounded: I have apartment in Belgrade, i love cevaps! (PHOTO)

Fake prince of Montenegro and Macedonia arrested in Italy: He introduced as Crnojevic descendant and he socialized with elite, he tricked Pamela (PHOTO)

Davorka went to her uncle and aunt when she was three, and she had no idea she won't see her family for 70 years (PHOTO)

Horror on excursion: Student from Banja Luka jumped from a dock and broke his spine

Creepiest island in the Adriatic: The sick waited for death alone, their bones are everywhere, and ghosts are circling around and seek justice (VIDEO)

In Srebrenica, a church, mosque and cathedral within 200 meters: Serbs and Muslims living together, they reveal what is the wealth of "city of hope" (PHOTO)

Shocking letter from a twin of a sick boy: Help my brother Milan, so i can fulfill my promise (PHOTO)

I was born in a German concentration camp, grew up in an Italian orphanage, and then discovered that I was the richest man and 50 percent Croat (VIDEO)

When SERBIAN PRIZREN was great imperial capital, ROME was the village. Here's why! (PHOTO)

Debate about Juventus logo: Fans against the industry, but for how long?

Serbia was lucky in a draw of groups for European Championship in Italy!

Are you certain that there are most Serbs in Serbia? You may be surprised when you see the real statistics!

Brutal ISIS cutthroat hides in Serbia: Secret services informed, all in fear because of this bloody murderer

Vucic does not have a smartphone, so he borrowed one for his first selfie!

This is what students in EU are learning about wars in Yugoslavia, Tito and Milosevic

POWERFUL EARTHQUAKES THREATEN DUBROVINK: If the ground starts shaking, people will be in danger because of this problem