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Video of a million euro heist in Subotica: Thief runs out of car, steals a sack of cash from bank

Watch as a robber runs from a bank with a sack of cash and pepper sprays people

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A quiet Wednesday morning in the center of Subotica in one instant turned into a scene from a crime movie. A dramatic robbery of the Postanska Stedionica bank, the footage of which Telegraf.rs is publishing, left everyone who found themselves in Dimitrija Tucovica Street at about 9 am in shock.

The heist was carried out by two robbers. The video first shows a security worker calmly walking out with a sack full of money, unaware of what was in store. While one robber was waiting in the car, another, wearing a balaclava, gets out and, threatening with a gun, pushes the security worker and everyone who was there at that moment back into the bank.

Soon, the thief runs out of the bank with the sack full of money, while the people inside are left in shock, still not believing the trauma they had just experienced.

Eyewitnesses in the street said that the robber had an accomplice waiting for him in an Italian license plates car, and that they then drove together in an unknown direction. After receiving the report, the police immediately came to the scene, and after geetting information about a potential description of the car that the suspects used to flee, a large number of patrols were activated and started searching for the vehicle.

The criminal police and a prosecutor with the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office started the investigation at about 9:30 am, finished it shortly after 11 am, while the area around the scene was taped off by the police, and nobody was allowed to stay there.

Although, according to eyewitness statements - first published by the website Subotica.com, who also published the video - the robber was wearing a mask, one favorable circumstance is that the whole street is covered with security cameras, especially the part where jewelry stores, betting parlors and banks are located.

An attendant with the public company "Parking" was of great help with providing information to identify the vehicle, as he prior to the robbery photographed the car, because he could not check whether the parking fee had been paid. A few minutes later, the vehicle with the suspects left the scene in a hurry.

There were no injuries, but eyewitnesses say a woman inside the bank was taken ill and fainted due to stress. The security worker from whom the sack of money was stolen was also taken ill.

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