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Slavica Burmazovic will get her abducted children back today, after 4 years

Slavica Burmazovic will welcome her three children at the Nikola Tesla Airport

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Four years after their were abducted and more than three years after a Turkish court's final judgment, the abducted children of Slavica Burmazovic will return to Serbia today.

Slavica will meet her children today at the Nikola Tesla Airport, where they will arrive from Iran accompanied by our ambassador to that country, Dragan Todorovic.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohamed Zarif promised on Sunday (October 25) to Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic that he would personally engage on this issue in order to successfully complete the process of returning the abducted children of Slavica Burmazovic, who were in Iran, in the shortest possible time, the ministry announced.

Slavica Burmazovic's three children were abducted by her ex-husband, Ejup Sabri Jundzi, who is their father, and who is a Turkish national. A Turkish court ruled that the children should be returned to their mother, but the father then went to Iran with them.

In 2016, Slavica protested in front of the Serbian government over the abduction of her children.

That was also the year when this Belgrade woman last saw her children. The ex-husband took their children Ajsa (14), Esma (13) and Tarik (7) to Turkey in August 2015, without Slavica's permission.

Slavica was able to locate the children in Tehran. She was able to speak on the phone with her son and daughters, but her ex-husband wouldn't let her see them. Although Turkish courts have long since ruled that the children should be returned to Serbia immediately, Slavica was powerless while her ex-husband was enjoying himself at a reception in the Turkish embassy in Tehran.

She only received proof that the children were in Iran when he posted pictures from the reception.

"I don't know why he went there, but they told me that being in Iran was an obstacle to the Turkish authorities to arrest him and hand the children over to me," Slavica said.

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