Teme: Turkey

Why is the terrorist from NZ fascinated with Serbia and its heroes? The entire world has been digging through the open wounds of Balkans (PHOTO)

The hidden beauty of Western Serbia: The land where our soldiers shed blood is proudly guarded by Orthodox monasteries (PHOTO)

Nikola (25) came to a life-changing and life-saving decision, he gave his friend Luka his kidney and part of the liver. The doctor said: One out of 10 dies, are you ready for this? (PHOTO)

Erdogan will visit Serbia in June: The cooperation between the two countries has never been better

Russian "Gazprom" decided: The "Turkish stream" will definitely go through Serbia, we will have cheaper gas in 2020

Erdogan and Vucic on the telephone, the Turkish president said: I will support every agreement of Serbs and Albanians

Trump's new plan for Kosovo? A new ambassador of the USA is arriving in Kosovo who has two specialties

This Serbian tribe lives in Macedonia to this day: They kept the customs from Nemanjic dynasty, and it is believed that they constructed Hilandar

Erdogan's message from Bosnia: Highway Belgrade-Sarajevo will be the "road of peace" and will bring benefit and happiness to Balkans (VIDEO)

A terrible warning by Wesley Clark: Brutal conflicts on Balkans are not the thing of the past

A coup in Pristina: The fight for the sultan throne while the secret services are arresting!

These Balkan states decided to expel the Russian diplomats and to support the West: Serbia is not among them!

Macedonians love Serbia, Bulgaria, and Turkey: They have a negative opinion about Kosovo, Albania, and Greece

THE MEETING OF VUCIC, ERDOGAN, AND IZETBEGOVIC: The relationship of Serbia and Bosniaks in focus (PHOTO)

Half a million Montenegrins live outside of the state, more than 40.000 in Serbia

People of Novi Pazar went out to the streets to welcome Vucic and Erdogan, every building is decorated, a great POSTER is dominating the view (PHOTO)

Vucic hosted Erdogan: He received a bicycle and chess as a gift, and this is what he gave him (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Brnabic and Cerar sent a true image from Balkans: They watched the finals together, and then they went down on the court with the flags of Serbia and Slovenia (PHOTO)

Lucic removed his protective gear, sat down and started crying: This is the most painful moment of one of Serbian heroes on Eurobasket! (VIDEO)

We are ready for the "fight" with Serbs: The most important player of Russia wants to go into the final! (VIDEO)

SERBIA IS IN THE SEMIFINALS OF EUROBASKET: Eagles demolished Italy and scheduled a battle with the Russians!

She loves Kalinic, she adores Raduljica, she scolded Jokic and Bobi: Turkish journalist amazed us with how much she cheers for Serbia on Eurobasket! (PHOTO)

THAT IS THE REAL SERBIA! Eagles were great in the game, Bogdan and Jovic silenced Istanbul! (VIDEO)

Take a look at the action of Bobi and Bogdan you have not seen before when Serbia was playing (VIDEO)

Macedonian insulted Erdogan on Facebook and received a fine of 400 euros: If he does not pay, he goes to jail!

An hour of conversation with Zeljko Obradovic: As if we are some Indians, so Jokic has to train with tractor tires (PHOTO)

Balkan match: America took the lead with 1: 0, Russia in counter-attack, China and Turkey from the sides, EU on goal

RIJEKA WAS SHAKING, TWO STRONG EXPLOSIONS SOUNDED: Earthquake of 4.1 degrees on Richter scale struck the nearby islands as well

DARK PREDICTION! Next European crisis will happen here: Another round of Balkan bloodshed is before us

No Serbs were injured in the terrible earthquake that struck Greece and Turkey