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Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic just shared news of her pregnancy

The minister just shared the happy news with her closest associates

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Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic is preparing for a new role in her life - she has shared with her closest associates the news that she is pregnant.

The minister has just shared the happy news with her closest associates, with whom she will most likely cooperate until the end of this government's term, the daily Kurir has learned.

"Nela can't wait to become a mother. She is very happy about the pregnancy and that's immediately visible on her face. Her longtime partner is also overjoyed about the baby. This is what they couldn't wait to see happen. Immediately, she announced to us that there would be no rest in her work, as she plans to continue working for as long as she can. For now, she feels great and is coming to the cabinet daily," said one of her associates.

Since August 2016, Nela Kuburovic has been in charge of the Justice Ministry in the Government of Serbia.



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