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Bloody showdown of families in Subotica: Man dies, the clash continues in hospital, shots fired

The clash occurred between a number of families in Subotica's flea market

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A clash occured around 11:30 am today in Subotica's flea market, in which several families participated.

On that occasion, after a verbal altercation, a physical fight ensued in which a 62-year-old man died and several others were injured. The clash continued at the hospital, in front of the emergency room.

After the police arrived at the scene at the flea market, the wounded were transported to the emergency room of the Subotica hospital. Soon, however, a large number of people began gathering in the yard of the facility, prompting a new clash, when, as Subotica.com website has unofficially learned, several gunshots were heard fired.

More police patrols soon came to the scene, trying to pacify the participants and introduce order.

So far, there has been no official confirmation of the information regarding the events in the hospital's yard, but competent authorities have announced they will soon address the public.

An investigation is underway at the flea market, where a deputy prosecutor of the Higher Public Prosecutor's Office is present.



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