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She is the shortest woman in Serbia: Marina is 101 centimeters tall and lifts up those around her

Marina with her voice and love of music would be an exceptional radio presenter only if someone gave her the right job opportunity

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The shortest woman in Serbia, 101 centimeters tall, lives in Kacarevo near the town of Pancevo. She is always ready to help her parents in their home, while also fighting for greater rights of persons of extremely short stature in the "Little People" movement.

Marina Cvetanov has her own online radio show "Pile" and enjoys good music. She sings beautifully and says she knows more than a thousand songs.

"I have my radio, I play music on the internet. I play musical requests for my friends and I enjoy that," says Marina Cvetanov from Kacarevo.

She is used to seeing everything around her from her own perspective, and everything in her room is tailored to her basic needs. She likes to work and often overdoes it while tidying up the apartment, when she sometimes ends up in an unnatural place that doesn't suit her.

"I was doing something, I climbed onto the bed and it was very strange to watch from that height. I was really eerie because I am used to my position and I went back immediately, I was scared I would fall," says Marina.

Marina Cvetanov

Photo: Printscreen/RTS

As a child Marina had three major surgeries and the doctors' initial progonisis was not encouraging. Thanks to her parents who believed she would be able to live a normal life, she now has her friends, fighting together for more rights for persons of extremely short stature, who are often discriminated against in society.

"My Marina is the most important thing in my life, I breathe for her and all of us in the household live for her. She encourages us, she is very positive and when we have a problem and are in a bad mood, she lifts us up," says Marina's mother, Elza Cvetanov.

An instructive message about height

"We are also people like everyone else. Just as my t-shirt reads, 'I have my own name' - it means that I am not a dwarf, I have my name just like all of you who are of typical stature. It doesn't matter how tall you are, but at what level you play," says Marina Cvetanov.

Extremely short stature people can do just about anything people of usual stature can, some of it perhaps a little differently - and Marina with her voice and love for music would be an exceptional radio presenter, if only someone gave her the right opportunity.



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