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Son who buried mother in garage released from detention: Ex-wife testifies, children refuse to

The autopsy report has not yet arrived at the prosecution, and once it does, it will be decided whether an indictment will be raised against Perisic

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53-year-old Slobodan Perisic, suspected of burying his deceased mother, 84-year-old Stevana Perisic, in the garage of their family home in Belgrade's Dedinje neighborhood, has been released from custody after all proposed witnesses have been interviewed.

The newspaper Vecernje Novosti learned from the First Basic Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade that his ex-wife agreed to make a statement, while their son and daughter used the legal right not to. It was also said that the autopsy report has not yet arrived at the prosecution, and once it does, it will be decided whether an indictment will be raised against Perisic.

Perisic is suspected of the criminal offense of failing to provide assistance and abandonment of a helpless person. He maintained silence as a defense when he appeared before the Prosecution.

Dedinje, kuća, zakopano telo, Slobodan Perišić

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This bizarre case was reported to the police by Slobodan's ex-wife, after she noticed that she had not seen her mother-in-law for several days.

It is claimed that Stevana lived with her son in a house in Dedinje since 2014. Until June, when she fell in the yard and broke her shoulder, she was able to function independently. Then, according to unofficial information, Stevan reached an agreement with his ex-wife, his son and his sister to become his mother's caregiver and be authorized to receive her pension.

However, according to information from the investigation, during one of his absences from the house in August, Stevana fell. Her son found her at the bottom of the stairs. After that, she became completely unable to move independently.

Dedinje, Slobodan Perišić

Photo: Telegraf.rs

Despite the fact that she needed medical attention, Slobodan allegedly did not take her to the hospital or call an ambulance. Due to neglect, her health deteriorated, causing the suspect to bar other family members from coming to the house.

According to some information, Stevana most likely passed away on October 11. In order to cover up what had happened, and so that he could continue to receive the pension, he first left the woman's body in bed, then put in in a bath tub full of water, which he cooled by adding ice to it, and then, allegedly, dug a canal into the garage, most likely on October 20, where he buried his mother.

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