Teme: Belgrade

"We messed up!" A member of the protocol of president Macron admitted to Figaro: Serbia unfairly humiliated at the commemoration in Paris

(PHOTO AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE) A terrible scene in Belgrade: Tram derailed and crashed into a building, the street is blocked

A big criminal group arrested in Belgrade: 14 people arrested for tax evasion

Milica replaced the urban life of Belgrade with the warmth of her home in Dublje: She didn't plan on it, but she has a great life now (PHOTO)

This is the soul of football that we should fight for! World media talking about Red Star's slap in Liverpool's face

SENSATION! Pavkov destroyed Liverpool, Red Star's best night after Bari! (VIDEO)

Cuban doctors are miracle workers in Belgrade: The prolong the life of cancer patients, they save the terminally ill people, they increase the percent of cured children (PHOTO)

These "girls" amazed Belgrade in the Halloween! By-passers chased them and begged them to take a picture (PHOTO)

Thaci admitted that the north of Kosovo is Serbian: Pristina in disbelieve over one sentence on Twitter

Serbian doctor devised a trap for shrapnel, she helped Croats and Muslims, even the victims of Chernobyl disaster (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

"Audi" went wild, he hit the car, and then he crashed into mine with two children in it: Confession of the driver about the terrible crash in Belgrade (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Fight for your life in Belgrade: A thief hit her in the chest and ripped the necklace from her neck, he became even crueler when he saw her arm

Foreigners are coming to Serbia and not just for parties and food: 4.114 people came from abroad to work in Serbia

Erdogan and Vucic on the telephone, the Turkish president said: I will support every agreement of Serbs and Albanians

A car of a famous Serbian TV reporter exploded, her father transported urgently to the Emergency Center! (PHOTOS AND VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

I have a house at the seaside, two pools, 650 euros pension, and I live alone: We called the number from the most famous ad in Serbia

Region says goodbye from great Milena: The starts are dying, one by one...

Thaci claims: Macron supported the merger with Presevo, Medvedja, and Bujanovac

Serb girls from Kosovo came to Belgrade to buy a wedding dress: When they got back to the car on a parking lot, they were petrified (PHOTO)

Veselin Jevrosimovic invites citizens to Serbia marathon: Come to go through the finish in the Belgrade Arena (VIDEO)

"You will no longer arrest me": He stole a police car, and then he drove recklessly near Belgrade while he was live on Facebook (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Cream of the world's athletics in Belgrade: Coe and Hansen announced World championship in Serbia! (VIDEO)

The phone rang precisely at noon, it was Jason Derulo: I wished him a happy birthday, and he said that he was coming to Belgrade in pure Serbian (VIDEO)

Scandal! Albanians want to sue Serbia for 22 billion euros: This is the price of war compensation ?!

A new round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina starts today: Aleksandar Vucic and Hashim Thaci face to face in Brussels

A great Serbian intellectual, Vladeta Jerotic, passed away. This is what he used to say

A debate was scheduled for the assets of the Yugoslav People's Army, worth 70 billion dollars: Croats want 500 tanks and helicopters back from Serbia

A worker died when a wall collapsed near the former American embassy: Photos from the construction site in Kneza Milosa street

Momir (21) didn't ask for a single penny for a found wallet, but he did have one request: Now, luck has shined upon him, it changed his life

Milomir found a stolen wallet in the center of Belgrade, and the owner had only one request (PHOTO)