Teme: Belgrade

A professor from Belgrade sent sexual messages to his students through Viber and asked them to take nude pictures

The hail came crashing down on Belgrade: People were resting when it began to strike (PHOTO)

Jasmina got pregnant for the fifth time and she left Belgrade for good with her husband and children: Now they live in the village and they enjoy the life (PHOTO)

There was no goodbye letter, nor did Vasilije (12) kill himself over games: We have found out the terrible truth at the suicide scene (PHOTO)

Tragedy in Belgrade: A boy jumped out from the 7th floor because his mother didn't allow him to play video games!

The US intensifies pressure on Pristina! Meeting of Haradinaj and Kosnett, there is only one request on the table: Abolish taxes

Evil is coming for Serbs on the north of Kosovo: Pristina plans to "round off sovereignty throughout the territory of Kosovo and Metohija"

There is no one to bury a mother and a son: Milos' father drowned and mother has been handicapped for 15 years, he complained that it was hard, so he committed a crime

The driver of the 92 bus stopped and said that a wanted person is on the bus, everybody should sit still until the police arrive: Drama in Belgrade transport (PHOTO)

I invite all institutions in Serbia to react! Vucic told citizens not to worry "because of the last fascist break-in of opposition in City Assembly" (PHOTO)

No solution for Kosovo and Metohija without the support of great powers: Austrian Chancellor on the outcome of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

A German expert on the Balkans has offered a proposal for the solution of Kosovo problem: What is the so-called Ischinger's plan?

Students asked the EU ambassador if the only way for Serbia to enter the Union is to recognize Kosovo: This is what Fabrizi said

Vucic surprised the protesters who have bank loans in Swiss francs, alone and without police: I can't tell you fairytales, this is the deadline for the help of the state (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

13 months, 13 defeats, 0 wins for so-called Kosovo: They are furious in Pristina due to these statistics

The parents left him in Belgrade because he is sick... They wished he were dead. Now, he returns to his homeland, and he still says that his mother is wonderful

People of Belgrade have been going to their own sea for years, and they say it's marvelous: It is not mud, it is gold! But, someone has poured concrete on the healing source (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

There won't be any unpunished violence: The president of Serbia about the protesters charging in the Radio Television of Serbia and protests in Belgrade

Stones and bottles were flying: The footage of the attack on the police officers in Belgrade (VIDEO)

Don't play with fire! Dacic expressly warned Thaci: If you attack Serbs, we will defend them

We are ready to intervene whenever security is endangered: KFOR spokesman for Telegraf about Thaci threats with the army and the police to Serbia

Judoist is a leader of drug-clan which was arrested in Belgrade: They secured gay and night clubs, they distributed drugs and caused incidents (VIDEO)

The solution for Kosovo will come when these 5 countries agree: The resolution 1244 will be repealed?

The British envoy brought 3 messages in Pristina and a mystery of meeting with Thaci: One is for Haradinaj's ears only, and we will not like the other one

Everybody attacked Tamara from moving away from Belgrade due to politics, money, and an apartment, and this is her response (PHOTO)

Tiffany Trump visited the temple of St. Sava, and then she waved, with a smile, to our reporters (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

A 5 kg baby was born in Belgrade: Little Mila is a real champion (PHOTO)

16 years since the assassination of Zoran Djindjic: A day that changed Serbia forever

The EU has spoken about the Pristina platform

A car swept a student from Novi Pazar off the crosswalk in Zemun, we screamed "don't die": Car threw him 3 meters in the air (DISTURBING VIDEO) (PHOTO)