Teme: Mother

Serbia introduces surrogate mothers: They will be called "birth givers" and they will be able to receive compensation of up to 15,000 euros

Shocking letter of a mother from Knin: She is sick with cancer and she pleads for help, but not for herself, but for her children. "This might be the last thing I can do for them"

A terrible story from a village in Serbia: Newborn found dead in the toilet. The autopsy confirmed terrible doubts

My Vladimir was 19 years old when he died for Serbia: Albanians recorded killing him, and they are still not in prison

He mysteriously disappeared: Bojan Ugrenovic from Kraljevo was charged for the murder of a man in Ohrid, and his sentence has been cut in half

I am carrying Darko's picture and I wonder if anyone knows about his "dead" twin brother. When I met the person who held him last, I asked her one thing

The saddest story about the youngest Serbian hero: Spomenko had a father, who gave up on him, and today, he is getting a pension in the name of his dead son (VIDEO)

Dragan inherited a house from his grandpa, but he decided to give it to a family with four children: The humanity of this person has no limits (PHOTO)

No one said anything when he was driving drunk, drugged, and when he endangered other people's lives, but I am a mother and after this shirt that the famous singer wore, I will be silent no more

(DISTURBING VIDEO) Mother of slaughtered children had a nervous breakdown in front of cameras

My son has murdered a child, come and get him! The man, who beat his baby to death, was reported by his mother

Two babies killed in Serbia in just 5 days, the monstrous acts continue: We can't forget about burning or drowning of newborns

Doctors filed a lawsuit against a mother who recorded them: She brought her child for examination and doctors refused to see her? (VIDEO)

SHE WAS 15, AND HE WAS 17: They got a daughter Mina because they had sex, and they didn't know they could have a baby! (PHOTO)

More and more young people are leaving Croatia: Buses full, mothers cry while they send their children away

Unprecedented crime over a banal reason: Mother, father and daughter brutally murdered while sleeping (VIDEO)

Shocking words of a mother of late David Dragicevic are tearing up the soul: "Why were you the first one to go, and I stayed"

"My son loved Marko, and he used to beat him up and cheat on him": Mother of a transvestite, Goran, claims that he killed him by accident, out of despair

A record-breaking baby was born: Twice as heavy as the others, 5 kilos and 600 grams

A young Serb went to Texas to work and live the American dream... and he died there: The family is gathering money to return his body home

Unprecedented scandal in the Clinical Center of Montenegro: They gave someone else's baby to the mother, and the husband noticed that the child was too small when they got home

Serb girl fell in love with Albanian and she left there, although she was forbidden: She knew only one word, and they talked in 2 languages

The confession of a mother of a raped boy: His father beat us, I was no mother, nor a woman, but an animal who endures it all! (PHOTO)

Milesa (23) is a farmer, she takes care of cows and fields, but no one takes her seriously because she is a real beauty! They all watch her white yoga pants (PHOTO)

Young mother from Jagodina delivered a baby with the help of a neighbor in the house: She was a mother for a few minutes, and that right was taken away from her

A boy from Obrenovac killed himself because of sadness for his family: He missed his father, his mother left him, she took sisters and his twin

Woman from Belgrade bought KIDNER SURPRISE, and she had a horrible surprise at home (PHOTO)

The eyes of the entire Balkans set on the drama in Skopje: Jovan is going to the court for switching babies, and the clinic will sue him! (PHOTO)

He said only one word in the courtroom and they all went silent: The mother of murdered Kristina (18) face to face with the murderer who stabbed her child 88 times (VIDEO)

A happy ending of a story of a baby which was found in a garbage container the last day of 2017: The mother left her in garbage, and she got a new home now