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Large waterspout between Korcula and Peljesac, yellow weather warning is in effect

Wind gusts of up to 85 kilometers per hour are expected

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A large waterspout emerged in a canal between Peljesac and Korcula islands in Croatia yesterday, arising from a thunderstorm cumulonimbus that moved through the canal.

The waterspout's pipe was several hundred meters long.

"The waterspout lasted ten minutes and did not approach land," a local woman from the Korcula Island told the website Crometeo.

Croatia's state meteorological and hydrological service has warned boaters about a storm, issuing a yellow weather warning for the entire Adriatic area due to the strong southern wind, which will pick up in the afternoon.

Gusts are expected to reach 35-45 knots (65-85 kilometers per hour).

It will be raining in the northern Adriatic and in the mountains from midday, in most parts during the night. Locally, heavy rainfall is possible. Daily highs between 12 and 18 degrees, in Dalmatia slightly higher.

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