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Deluge forecast for next 2 days, warning about sudden change of weather: Heavy rain to start soon

Heavy rainfall awaits us tomorrow and on Thursday

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Heavy clouds are forecast during the night in northern and western parts of the country, bringing in rain - and that will be only an introduction to what lies ahead for the next two days, RHMZ has warned.

"Thunderstorms are also expected tomorrow during the day in some areas. Both central and southern parts of the country can expect to receive about 20 liters of rain per square meter locally inside 12 hours on Wednesday and Thursday," according to RHMZ.

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Printscreen: RHMZ

It will be cloudy and cooler in Belgrade tomorrow, but still warm for this time of year, with occasional rain and showers. The wind will be moderate, blowing from the south.

The minimum temperature will be 14 degrees and the maximum daily 18 degrees centigrade.

Thursday will be dry in northern Serbia, with clouds dispersing. In other areas, it will be rainy, but precipitation is expected to stop by the end of the day. Daily highs will range from 14 to 20 degrees.



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