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"Waterspout" destroyed Vidoje's greenhouse and killed a lamb: "It was like an explosion"

Even the oldest locals can't remember that something similar happened in the village

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Pijavica tornado

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Aside from the April snow, residents of Drgacevo were surprised by another weather disaster. In the village of Zivica, a mini tornado, the so-called "waterspout" appeared, which destroyed everything in front of it in the household of Vidoje Jovicic.

"It happened a few days ago, suddenly it was as if there was an explosion and then a strong storm carried everything in front of it. Strong wind lifted bales of hay into the air, the greenhouse was completely destroyed and one lamb was killed. It all lasted for a few minutes, but during that time, great material damage was done," Vidoje Jovicic from the village of Zivice told RINA.

People in Dragacevo don't know how to explain this natural phenomenon, and even the oldest locals cannot remember something similar ever happening.

"Later, we realized that it was probably that 'waterspout' that carries everything in front of it. Luckily, it lasted a short time, I don't know what would have happened to the household and livestock if it had lasted a little longer," says Vidoje.

This is not the first time that this type of votex wind has appeared in Serbia, and according to meteorologists, it is a consequence of the differences in a close encounter between two pressure systems, the mixing of hot and cold air in the atmosphere. It occurs most often in clouds carrying hail and rain where a stream of warm air that is climbing and one of cold air that is descending collide, starting to spin rapidly, similar to a spinning top, creating an elongated funnel.


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