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Macron's sudden invitation to Vucic and Thaci to hold a meeting

Last night, Macron met with Vucic bilaterally, with whom he spoke for more than an hour

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French President Emmanuel Macron today suddenly invited Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the president of temporary Pristina institutions, Hashim Thaci, for a meeting, the daily Blic learned unofficially.

Vucic and Thaci are in Paris attending the Peace Forum.

The president of Serbia left the Panel on Multilateralism held within the Forum in order speak with the French president.

"Macron wants to see Vucic again, and then Vucic and Thaci together," diplomatic sources told Blic.

The presidents of France and Serbia had a bilateral meeting last night during which they talked for more than an hour.

Macron earlier reiterated his intention to engage France more directly in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, that has been deadlocked for a while now.



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