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Doctors left speechless by Luka: He's said to cure any pain in 3 minutes, objects stick to his body

According to the locals in Zdrelo, Luka has cured many people in the village of various pains

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Luka (15) from Zdrelo, near the town of Petrovac na Mlavi, has a "gift from God" - according to the locals in this village.

His hands can allegedly cure pain, while his body act as a magnet to attracts various objects: cell phones, spoons, forks, pots...

The doctors cannot explain him. They say that he has no disease and is not harmed by his ability, while those practicing bioenergy therapy say Luka has very strong energy.

He has no serious problems because of his power, except that, unless he is spending this energy regularly, the palms of his hands get very hot.

According to the residents of Zdrelo, Luka has cured many people in the village suffering from various pains. They say he's incredible. When someone in the village is in pain, they go to Luka, who puts his hands on the pain spot making it disappear in just three minutes.

In addition to possessing this unusual ability, Luka has a happy childhood and is very dedicated to his education. He is the best student in his class thanks to his above-average intelligence.

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