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Registration deadline for Comtrade Serbia Marathon extended

The Serbia Marathon, biggest athletic event of the year, will be held on Sunday, November 17, starting at 10 am

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All lovers of sports, running and a healthy lifestyle - if you didn't get to register for the first Comtrade Serbia Marathon, you will be able to do so on November 14 and 16 at the premises of the Athletic Hall (Atletska Dvorana) in Banjica (on Oslobodjenja Boulevard in Belgrade) from 10 am to 10 pm, for a price of 2,500 dinars.

The official name of this competition is the Comtrade Serbia Marathon. It consists of three races - 5, 21 and 42 kilometers long - whose finish line will be in the Stark Arena, so all competitors will be able to feel the true spirit of sports and go through the finish line in the Arena where Novak Djokovic, Ivana Spanovic and many other great Serbian athletes competed in the past.

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The routes of all races are certified, so we will get accurate results for all participants. The course consists of one lap in New Belgrade, 21 kilometers long, therefore the half marathon will be one lap, while those running the full marathoners will run two laps.

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The course includes the new Ada bridge, while the finish of race is in the Arena. The time limit for the 5 kilometer race is 45 minutes, which means that all participants can easily walk the length of the course. The time limit for the half marathon and the marathon is 6 hours. The event will end at 4 pm.

The exact timetable of the shutting down of streets and the changes to public transit will be announced this week, to keep citizens informed on the day.

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