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FIBA makes it official: Serbia to host men's and women's Olympic Games qualifiers!

The decision has been made!

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FIBA has announced that Serbia will host qualifiers for the Olympic Games!

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has announced that the host countries for men's qualifications will be Canada, Croatia, Lithuania and Serbia, while Belgium, China, France and Serbia will host the women's tournament!

Men's qualifiers will be held June 23-28, and women's February 6-9.

FIBA said that host cities for the men's tournament will be Victoria, Split, Kaunas and Belgrade, and Ostend, Foshan, Bruges and Belgrade for women's matches.

In men's competition, 24 teams will play in four tournaments, six teams will be in each group trying to win the Olympic "visa" while 16 women's teams will be divided into four groups. The official draw will be held at the FIBA ​​headquarters on November 27, with groups planned to be geographically balanced from the five regions of the World Basketball Federation.

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Men's competition

The men's teams that have already qualified are Japan, Nigeria, Argentina, US, Iran, France, Spain and Australia, while the following squads will be taking part in the qualifications:

Africa: Tunisia, Angola, Senegal

Americas: Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Uruguay

Europe: Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia

Asia and Oceania: New Zealand, China, South Korea

Košarkaška reprezentacija Srbije

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Women's competition

In women's competition, only Japan and the US are already qualified, as the host of the Olympic Games, and the winner of the World Championship. Everything is open here and there are 10 more Olympic slots to be won. Three teams will qualify from the first two groups, and another four from the other two groups (two from each).

What's currently known is that the UK, Spain, France, Serbia, Belgium and Sweden are already in the running, while other teams are still fighting for their place in the qualifiers.



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