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"No journalist has anything to do with my health condition": Vucic reveals why he ended up at VMA

I am still receiving therapy today, but that is my business and no one else has anything to do with it, says the president of Serbia

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Speaking about his health condition and the reasons why he ended up in the hospital, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that no journalist had anything to do with his problems, as some media have reported.

"Journalists have nothing to do with my medical condition, I am chronically ill, plus the acute problems. That's my business and nobody has anything to do with it," Vucic said at a press conference.

The president reiterated his view that he was not running away from reporters' questions but, on the contrary, always was and will be ready to respond to everyone, because they give him the opportunity to point out the lies used by certain media and political opponents, and to show the citizens what the truth is.

"Unlike all other politicians in the country, I never ran away from questions. These questions always give me a great opportunity to expose the untruths of certain media and the lies of political opponents in the best possible way," Vucic said, reacting to NUNS President Zeljko Bodrozic who said it would be good if he came to answer questions from the publication Vreme, NIN, Danas...

The president stressed that there was no better opportunity for him than to be given the space to directly demonstrate how serious his arguments are, at that moment when somebody comes up with falsehoods that are repeated every day.

"I never ran away, I never swept issues under the rug, I didn't hide, and that is why I always won. It would be an exaggeration to say that I demolished my political opponents, but by breaking down the constituent parts of their lies I've shown that I'm ready and that I will always be ready. And I will always defeat them," said Vucic.


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