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Illiterate cleaning lady from Serbia, her son earn 1.9 million euros as Austrian police translators

She worked as a police translator for 10 years

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A cleaning lady from Serbia and her unemployed son have earned over 1.9 million euros working part-time as interpreters for the Austrian police, local media have reported. The mother and her son were recently prosecuted.

As Vienna saw an increase in criminal activity committed by people from our region, the Austrian police faced a major problem translating recorded telephone conversations and questionings, which often led to misunderstandings and, later, acquittals or lenient punishment.

They had to quickly hire an interpreter, and Vesna D. (53), a cleaning lady from Serbia, seemed like a great solution because she spoke both Serbian, and Romani.

The media reports say Vesna is illiterate, but she nevertheless from 2006 until 2016 did translation work for the police. Over the course of 10 years, she earned 1,163,397 euros, which, according to the media, is more than the average income in Austria.

Due to the increased volume of work, the police in 2010 also hired part-time her unemployed son Dragan D. (36), who earned 740,176 euro in six years.

According to information provided to the public, Vesna D. and Dragan D. were found to owe 741,000 euros to the state, and appeared before an Austrian court last week. The trial was postponed due to the defendant's ill health, while her son Dragan, on the advice of his lawyer, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four months in prison and community service.



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