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Terrible accident in Ruma: Driver, 18, mows down children on pedestrian crossing!

Two girls have been seriously injured

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18-year-old T.F. from Ruma today caused a traffic accident on the corner of Orloviceva and Lenjinova street in that town.

The accident happened at about 1 pm when he, while overtaking a vehicle that had stopped to allow children to cross a pedestrian crossing, struck a column of children.

M.N. (9) was seriously injured, sustaining open leg fracture and head injuries, while R.D. (9) sustained light shoulder and upper arm injuries.

The driver will be detained for 48 hours on suspicion of committing a serious offense against traffic safety.

T.F. has a probationary driver's license - that he only obtained several days ago, the daily Kurir learned unofficially.

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