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Kurti claims he has majority to form government: Posts news on Facebook, with a photo from a tavern

Kurti spoke from Prizren

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Despite the vote recount, the leader of the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti, has secured a majority to form a new Kosovo government, he said on Facebook.

"The chairmen of the three non-majority communities, as well as future MPs Rasim Demiri, Fikrim Damka and Albert Kinoli, will vote for our government and me as prime minister, without any conditions," Kurti said from Prizren, KoSSev reports.

After the rejection of those ballots cast in central Serbia, the Self-Determination and the LDK needed four more MPs to form a government without the participation of another party.

Last week, the parliamentary group LVV was joined by Egyptian Party MP Elbert Krasniqi. With the support of three more MPs, the Self-Determination secured 61 votes to form a new government.



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