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A Sabac police officer went to a cafe restroom; a shot was heard: Guests discovered a gory scene

"Two minutes later, a shot was heard. The waiter opened the door and we saw a horrific sight. There was blood everywhere, he was lying on the floor."

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Border Police inspector G.P., 45,  a native of Sabac, committed suicide yesterday evening by shooting himself in the temple from his service pistol.

The suicide happened in the Pecina cafe in an area of the town known as Trkaliste, when G.P., who frequented the establishment, went to the restroom and then shot himself in the head.

"The bullet pierced the toilet door, shattered the glass on the front door and exited through the plastic awning. Fortunately nobody was sitting in the cafe's garden, otherwise they would have been hurt. G.P. sat with two friends over a drink, got up and went to the toilet. Two minutes later a gunshot was heard, the waiter opened the door and we saw a horrific sight. There was blood everywhere, and he was lying on the floor," recounted the owner of the cafe.

Šabac, samoubistvo, kafić

The cafe where the policeman committed suicide; Photo: Telegraf

As Telegraf has learned, G P. was married and had two daughters. He worked as a police inspector in charge of suppressing smuggling at the Pavlovic Bridge border crossing in Badovinci.

Before committing suicide, he sat with two colleagues drinking vodka.

The reason behind the suicide, committed from a service pistol, is unknown.

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