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Jovanjica company owner arrested along with employees: Police find tons of drugs on farm

Marijuana in farming fields...

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Members of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Belgrade, on the order of the Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office, have found an illegal artificial marijuana production laboratory on a farm near Stara Pazova and seized 649.4 kilograms of dry marijuana, along with 65,581 stems of this narcotic drug, in the total weight 3,954 kilograms.

On suspicion of committing the criminal offense of illicit manufacturing and trafficking in narcotic drugs, P.K, the responsible person of the Jovanjica company that owns the said farm, has been arrested and is suspected of being the leader of an organized criminal group engaged in marijuana farming.

8 arrested, police still search for one

As members of this group, other individuals arrested on suspicion of committing the same criminal offense include M.Z.(39), Z.V (55), H.S. (37), J.B. (43), Z.P. (25), B.V. (35), M.B. (37) and H.P. (40) - all employees of the Jovanjica company, while the police are still instensively searching for another person.

All those arrested are in custody and have been remanded in prison by a competent court.

Document forgeries

A criminal complaint has also been filed against the suspect P.K. on suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of a special case of forging a document. Specifically, the police found a forged official ID while stopping the vehicle in which he was traveling - while a misdemeanor charge has been filed against the driver of the car because the vehicle was illegaly equipped with light and sound signaling.

A search of Jovanjica's premises also turned up a pistol and a revolver, which means P.K. will also face criminal charges for illicit manufacturing, possession and trafficking of weapons and explosive materials.



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