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Delije and Gate 7 march across Athens to Piraeus: Red-and-white brothers' corteo from main square!

Olympiacos fans have announced a pre-match gathering in Syntagma Square

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The most passionate supporters of the Greek football club Olympiacos (known as Gate 7) have announced on their Facebook page that they will organize a gathering with Red Star fans (Delije) from 4 pm local time in Athens on December 11, in Syntagma Square.

From there, their corteo will move to Piraeus, where the last match of the Champions League group stage be will be played between the two clubs.

Syntagma is about 10 kilometers away from the Olympiaco stadium in Piraeus, so the fans will walk for at least two hours.

In their group, Red Star have two points more than Olympiacos who are in last place. If the Serbian champions return from Greece undefeated they will secure the third place and continue to compete in Europe in the spring, in the Europa League.

Undoubtedly we will see a true fan-made spectacle in Athens. The match will be played on Wednesday, starting at 9 pm.

A similar gathering was seen in Belgrade when Olympiacos were visiting for the first round of the Champions League games. The corteo at the time started from Terazije Square and went the way to the Red Star stadium, nicknamed Marakana.

Here are some of the scenes from that gathering:

Video: Delije and Gate 7 corteo toward Marakana

Video: Fans go crazy in Slavija and near St. Savas Temple

Video: Delijes never longer fiery corteo


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