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Support to people in Montenegro from Jagodina: "Hang in there brothers, let the struggle never stop"

"Without Montenegro, Serbdom would be like a boneless body" - they quoted Bishop Nikolaj

Jagodina, performans podrške narodu u Crnoj Gori

Printskrin: Facebook/Aleksandar Racić

A group of young Jagodina residents last night supported the protests of citizens in Montenegro and in Serbia, who have been marching for days against the Law on Freedom of Religion that many fear will allow for the seizure by force of the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Montenegro.

Jagodina residents sent messages of support and solidarity to the brotherly people in Montenegro from the plateau in front of the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the town's center. They also recited lyrics from the poem "Onamo, 'namo!" ("There, over there!" - Montenegro's historical anthem.)

"Tonight, the youth of Jagodina gathered to support the centuries-old guardians of the Holy Throne (of the SPC) of Pec, our Montenegrin-Littoral Metropolitanate, and to show solidarity with the brotherly people in Montenegro. As Bishop Nikolaj would say: "Without Montenegro, Serbdom would be like a boneless body."

"Our message is this: Hang in there, brothers! 'Let the struggle never stop, let there be what cannot be' - may God be on your side," said Aleksandar Racic, a local activist of national organizations.

Those who gathered then lit torches in front of the cross.

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