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Serbian FA Vice President Bjekovic shocked by shooting attack against former footballer Kovacevic

The Serbian Football Federation vice president cannot believe that Kovacevic, who was until recently his associate, has been attacked

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On Tuesday evening, January 7, Darko Kovacevic stared death in the eye in front of his home in Glyfada, a suburb of Athens. It was a miracle that the legendary footballer and former sporting director of the Serbian Football Federation dodged a bullet instinctively after an unknown assailant approached him with a gun in his hand and fired a shot in his direction.

He attacked Kovacevic while he was parking his car in front of his home. As Kovacevic got out of his Smart car, the attacker fired a shot in the direction of the former footballer and fled.

The police later found a vehicle on fire 700 meters away, and inside it a weapon believed to have been used to shoot at Kovacevic.

Fortunately, Darko is well - he has not been injured in the shooting, although the Greek media initially said he was. Instead, he hurt his knee as he was reacting to avoid the bullet.

The news of the shooting shocked the public in Serbia, as well as his recent associates at the FSS (Serbian FA). FSS Vice President Nenad Bjekovic said Darko has never been a conflict figure and was shocked by the attack against him.

"I can't believe it. I'm in shock. Something like that doesn't go with Darko at all, he's never been a conflict figure, quite the opposite. I heard that Darko is well, which is the most important thing," Bjekovic told the daily Blic.

During his successful career, Kovacevic played for Red Star, Juventus, Real Sociedad, Lazio, Olympiacos .. He just finished his playing career in Piraeus and then started a new one as a football official. It has been mentioned that he could soon return to the club as its chief scout.

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