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Prayer in support of Serb people in Montenegro and Kosovo held in front of St. Sava's Temple

The first procession (litija) and prayer (moleban) for the salvation of the Serb people was held in Belgrade on January 8

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The second prayer in support for the Serb people in Montenegro, Kosovo and Metohija and in all Serb regions was held last in Belgrade, in front of St. Sava's Temple.

Instead of celebrating the Orthodox New Year, prayers were sent from the plateau in front of one of the largest Serbian holy places. The moleban began at 11:30 pm on Monday and the service was led by His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej.

"Dear Orthodox Belgraders, we are gathered in front of our covenant Temple of Saint Sava, which we hope to consecrate this year and thus fulfill the desire of the Serb people to erect a magnificent temple to the father of our Church. At the same time, we are gathering to bid farewell to the past year in the Father and to pray to the Lord and to welcome the next year. The past year was full of temptations, so let us pray that this year be the year of Lord's grace, to spend it in the blessing and love of the Lord. May God release us from the many troubles that threaten both our people and other nations. We hope that God will receive our prayers," the patriarch said after the prayer.

"Tonight we are especially gathered to pray to the Lord together over what is happening in our brotherly and holy Montenegro, for what our brothers are experiencing. The godless ones have raised their hand on the holy places of the Lord. They raised their hand on the holy places of the Lord, to take and spend them, as they have spent what they themselves have inherited. What is happening in our brotherly and holy Montenegro has never happened in our, nor, I believe, in world history."

"Those who have nothing to do with sacred places want to take our sacred places. They want to take away the property that our people have had not since yesterday, but for hundreds and hundreds of years. Unfortunately, what they are preparing to do not even the Turks or those we consider similar to the Turks have done. What is happening in Montenegro has been condemned by the entire Orthodox world. It has been condemned by all Orthodox Churches. But they don't seem to have the eyes and ears and don't see that the people are ready to defend the sacred places, not only with words, but with their life."

"This evil in Montenegro has one good side to it, if there can be good in evil. It has awaken faith amongst Montenegrins. This is what makes us happy. That faith came to life in many people of that tormented and holy land."

"From this place our message to those who make decisions is to leave alone Lord's shrines. Those serve not only the Church, but the whole nation. We hope that their conscience will be awakened to give up on their intentions. We pray that they give up on what will be a curse on them forever. We pray that they give up on what is not pleasing not only to the people, but also to God."

"People will not calm down until these intentions are given up on. And we hope that St. Vasilije and other saints will not let evil prevail. Therefore, may the Lord hear our prayers."

The first procession (litija) and prayer (moleban) for the salvation of the Serb people was held in Belgrade on January 8, attended by about 10,000 people. Processions have been held in Montenegro since the controversial law legalizing the hijacking of the assets of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) was adopted. The prayer processions then spread to Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as those places where our diaspora is strong.

Prayers in other cities as well

A prayer procession was held in Jagodina last night in the streets of this town, in support of the faithful of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Montenegro, over the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion.

About 3,000 people took part in the procession. At the head of the column, a banner was carried that read, "We won't give our shrines."

Prayer was served at the Church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, while the procession moved along central streets, with believers carrying Church symbols and state flags.

The prayer procession was organized by the SPC - the Orthodox Diocese of Sumadija and the Church Municipality of Jagodina.



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