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Revenge as possible motive for Sombor murder: Who just stabbed a young man to death out of the blue?

There has been no new information yet

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It is afternoon in a quiet Vojvodina town. A young man, M.DJ. is walking down Prvomajski Boulevard in Sombor with his father. An unknown person approaches them, and stabs the young man to death. The scene playoud out in Sombor yesterday afternoon.

As we learned, there are indications that this cold-blooded and brutal murder could have been carried out - in revenge. If this proves to be the motive - and there has been no new information from the authorities yet - then this murder is just one in a series of "vigilante" cases.

And while mafia clans wage wars by hiring professional killers, which sometimes finish with an extra bullet fired to the forehead of the victim, smaller groups use knives in their showdowns.

How much passion and and anger must it take for somebody to approach a man and stab a knife into him out of the blue? All this is reminiscent of either the Wild West or a crumbling Latin American state, where the law of the jungle rules.

This small town, meanwhile, is in shock, as acquaintances of the young man claim that he had no quarrels with anyone. They say that either M.DJ. kept some secrets, or the killer just randomly attacked him.

And yet - the fact that attacker wore a mask, had a clear target and an escape plan cast a doubt on the case being any coincidence.

As we learned, there are some hints that this could be about revenge. But until the police finish their investigation and in the end catch the perpetrator, this event will remain unexplained, while citizens are left with a dose of anxiety.

The body of the victim has been sent to the Forensic Institute in Novi Sad for an autopsy.

Telegraf received confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, but that no new information is available yet.



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