Teme: Knife

Butcher from Kosjeric killed his wife because of Facebook: There is an incredible story behind the unprecedented crime

He said only one word in the courtroom and they all went silent: The mother of murdered Kristina (18) face to face with the murderer who stabbed her child 88 times (VIDEO)

HORROR IN RESPECTABLE BELGRADE SCHOOL: Student of Military high school attacked a friend with a knife, she was urgently transferred to Military Medical Academy!

Massive fight of minors in the city bus: Teenager (17) stabbed in Skopje

Details of the horrible murder of a boy in Pancevo, they changed the location at the last moment: They were killing each other while false friends were watching!

He saw a completely naked man, and he thought he was a maniac: When he heard the story of a man without clothes, he just said one thing (PHOTO)

American woman raged in Zagreb: She attacked the policeman with a knife, and she terrorized the students and professors on Faculty of Philology

Albanian stabbed a Serb with a knife in the chest because of three Serb girls, and then escaped to Kosovo?! New details of the murder of Perica Gavrilovic (PHOTO)

Maja knew what will happen, she got into debt to protect her child, and her life became hell with one decision of the court

THESE ARE THE WORDS OF THE MONSTER WHILE THEY WERE HOLDING HIM ON THE GROUND: Policemen discovered what was the murderer saying while they tried to revive his son (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

He stabbed his father 22 times, and they sentenced him to 19 years in prison: "He forced me to oral sex!"

Dusko Roganovic after the ambush lost both legs: The explosion threw him out of the car, there was blood all over the place (PHOTO)

Letter of a high school girl slapped the region: You would give us knives and riffles to kill each other, like you did 20 years ago

Monster suspected to have stabbed his twin babies with a knife: The attack was preceded by an argument with his wife (PHOTO)

THE WHOLE BALKAN DESPISES THIS MOTHER FROM HELL: She suffocated her daughter with a pillow because of bad grades, police found weapon in her mop!

UNPRECEDENTED CRIME IN SERBIA: Husband slaughtered his wife and 4 month baby with a knife!

THE FAMILY OF BRUTALLY MURDERED GIRL ATTACKED THE MONSTERS: Chaos in the courtroom after the verdict that shoot the region (VIDEO)

HORROR IN LAZA LAZAREVIC HOSPITAL: Patient attacked and cut the staff of neuro-psychiatry!

NEW INVENTIONS OF THE GENIUS SERB: Extraordinary pizza-pie and the meat-pie knife! (PHOTO)

BOYS CONFESSED TO THE MURDER OF THE TAXI DRIVER: They killed him because of 20 Euro which they owed to the loan sharks

Taxi driver was bound and slain because of Euro 20 bill: The newest details of the horrible crime

(DISTURBING VIDEO) CREEPY ROBBERY IN SERBIA: A thief used BUTCHER'S KNIFE to attack the shop's owner, and then beat him savagely!

A young boy (17) slew his friend (15) over 2 Euro debt?! Creepy details about the murder the whole Serbia is talking about

(DISTURBING VIDEO) HORROR IN UZICE: A maniac walks into the City Administration and STABS a journalist with a knife!