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Best friend of famous actress Neda Arneric, who passed away, bids her farewell

Moving words from Neda's best friend

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A commemoration has been held today for actress Neda Arneric, a diva of the domestic scene, who has passed away. The ceremony was held at 12 noon at the premises of Jugoslovenska Kinoteka in Belgrade.

Among others, her best friend Ivica gave a eulogy.

These are his moving words:

"About ten days ago, while we were still skiing, you said of my cookies, 'They're not the same as always.' They needed lemon, isn't that right, Misa?

I baked new ones. With lemon.

God, she was always so precise. Those 35, 40 years that the four of us were traveling together for New Year's, holidays, sailing... People, she didn't let me, or her (late husband) Mile, throw a cigarette butt into the sea. She says, 'You can't litter like that!' So then we would be collecting it until we reached the land, then you have to go to the trash can to throw it away.

Misa and I cooked most of the time, and she didn't like it very much. She knew how to, but didn't like to cook. But dish washing is hers. To spruce up the house, to maintain order, make everything just so.

I often called her "goody". She hears it all. She was explaining to me. You just change your condition, and then you're there. Because if there is love, then it lasts.

Nedeljka, we agreed to go skiing again in March. We made plans for the holidays. Now you won't be skiing, and I don't want to..."



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